Sunday, October 28, 2012

OT: New York Stock Exchange Trading Floor to Close, Starting Monday

(UPDATE) NYSE electronic market and NASDAQ will be closed on Monday, probably on Tuesday also. Sorry algos. The US stock index futures are slowly sinking, with Dow futures at minus 39.


because of Hurricane Sandy coming their way. As humans evacuate, all the trading will be done on its electronic exchange. (Have fun, algos.)

From Zero Hedge (10/28/2012):

The NYSE has just released a statement clarifying its hours tomorrow - due to the storm:


So, hold tight as all those low-lying humans will have left the building in the calm thoughtful hands of Johnny-5 and his friends.

Via Bloomberg:

Oct. 28 (Bloomberg) -- The New York Stock Exchange said it will shut its trading floor starting tomorrow and invoke contingency plans to move all trading to NYSE Arca, its electronic exchange, as Hurricane Sandy heads toward the city.

“The re-opening of physical trading floor operations is subject to city and state determinations and local conditions; updates will be forthcoming,” NYSE Euronext said in a statement today.

NYSE Amex Options will open electronically and NYSE MKT, formerly known as NYSE Amex, will be suspended, the exchange operator said.

But that doesn't stop him for catching some storm surge at Rockaway Beach... (from Bloomberg):


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