Friday, November 2, 2012

President Obama Enjoys 73.7-Point Lead Over Mr. Romney, in Japan

The chart below is from France 24, quoting AFP (11/2/2012):

It is amusing to see these numbers and occasional chatter on Japanese Twitter praising how wonderful Mr. Obama is for America and Japan, while the same people are opposing the US presence in Japan and East Asia and vehemently against the TPP trade pact and hate Monsanto and GE.

I suppose they are saying President Obama is not in charge of anything that displeases the Japanese - i.e. he is not in charge of anything (therefore he can do no wrong), but purely a symbolic figure of "hope" and "change".

They may not know either that GE's CEO is Mr. Obama's job czar, and the former Monsanto VP and lobbyist is his food safety czar. If they do know, probably they don't believe.


Anonymous said...

As neither of these men has demonstrated any understanding of the danger inherent in nuclear power, or any intention of protecting the dignity and human rights of the people who will suffer immeasurable harm in the next nuclear incident, the discussion of which one would be "best" is akin to a discussion of which type of cancer you would prefer to die from.

Need to keep the most important issues at the fore of political discussion.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the fictional Mr. Burns, owner and operator of the nuclear power plant where Homer Simpson works, is coming out strongly in favor of Romney. Watch it here:

Anonymous said...

Boy, Obama and his supporters stoop low...

Anonymous said...

Everyone's always like that. They idolize people in high places and create their own ideal image of them, then deny any negativity and refuse to face the facts. Humans.

Anonymous said...

"Boy, Obama and his supporters stoop low..."

Nah, they've just been puffing away at the bong of hopium for so long, any critical functions that may once have existed in their brains are fried.

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon. I'm with Shamus!

Anonymous said...

I hope they both lose. If I could vote for that, I would.

Anonymous said...

(cr here)

Seen the article by Tom Philpott about Monsanto and Mitt Romney?

(Not that I think anyone associated with GE or other polluting corporations should be anywhere near anyone's governments; President Obama has disappointed me on a few things.)

Besides, Masachusetts had Mitt waltz in (pretending to be a resident) re-invent his views on issues (just to get elected; re-flipped since), and then just use the state as a stepping stone to his failed presidential ambitions.
Destroying computer hard drives on his way out - what was in his e-mails?

Too many lies by Romeny/Ryan this campaign, and, too many religious nuts on the R ticket; trying to turn the clock back on women's rights, and, denying reality about corporate greed-caused damage to our ecosystem/children/future.

"Trickle-down" economics didn't work under Reagan, nor W, nor will it now - retracting reports that confirm that (or that coastal cities are at increased risk) will not make it so. Even if the taxes went back to Eisenhower rates, the, "1%" would still be "rich".

Mitt's own father said to never trust any presidential candidate who wouldn't show at least 10 years of tax returns. Give up, Romney.

If corporations do not want to comply with good environmental, product, and worker safety laws in the USA, then we should not allow their products to be imported here (not that any candidates will stand up for ethics and future health). Why do wealthy "Americans" want to skip paying their taxes here?
Corrupt govts let a few get rich, at public expense/planet's loss; as we've all seen in the nuclear industry and so many other issues.

Must get worsening corporate money/excess money out of elections, somehow. "Interesting times".

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