Thursday, January 31, 2013

Parts Suppliers in Japan: "Half the Expected Production of iPhone 5"

As Japanese companies report their 2012 4th quarter earnings in a short span of few days, parts suppliers of Apple's iPhone 5 are indicating less than expected shipment of iPhone 5 is hurting their bottom lines, without naming Apple.

How polite of them.

Not so long ago when iPhone 5 was launched, pundits said the phone was going to push the US 4th quarter GDP up by 0.5% on an annualized basis. Instead, the 4th quarter GDP came in at minus 0.1%, which was celebrated by the financial media as "best-looking contraction of US GDP ever" in this bizarro world.

From Asahi Shinbun (2/1/2013):

iPhone5、予想より減産? 部品提供の日本側指摘

iPhone 5 being produced less than expected? Japanese part suppliers point out


Japanese manufacturers who supply parts to Apple have start to voice concern over Apple's growth.


Takehiro Kamigama, President of TDK said in the press conference on January 31, "The number of smart phones by a US maker is half of what was expected." He said he "cannot reveal the name, but one of the two largest in the world", indicating iPhone 5.


Yoshitaka Fujita, Vice President of Murata Manufacturing, was asked about the effect of reduced production of iPhone 5 during the earnings conference on January 31. He admitted that the production was less than planned, and said, "I shouldn't comment on individual customers [of our company], but it is just as what's being said in the world." Nobuhiko Yonetani, executive director of Alps Electric, said "Parts for smart phones haven't sold as well as we hoped", citing it as one of the causes that will push the 2013 1st quarter results lower.

Japanese electronics companies may be suffering from not-so-brisk sales of iPhone 5, but if Canon is any indication they may still have a fat profit thanks to much cheaper yen since Shinzo "pork cutlet on curry rice" Abe became the prime minister again.


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It's "Yoshitaka Fujita".

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Asahi has a new Promethius Trap series:

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