Saturday, February 2, 2013

(Anything Goes Series 4) #Fukushima City's Tap Water "Safe and Delicious", To Be Served at Events in Fukushima to Eradicate Baseless Rumors

A 500-milliliter bottle sells for 100 yen.

This is the latest in the non-stop effort by people in Fukushima since March 11, 2011 to insist it's nothing but baseless rumors, not radioactive materials, and people in Fukushima are hurt by such rumors. To prove it is baseless rumors, they bottle the tap water in Fukushima City and sell it to you.

Nearly 2 years after the accident, that their land has been radioactively contaminated by the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident clearly hasn't sunk in to most of the residents who continue to live in the prefecture. And at this point, it doesn't look like it will ever sink in, even a millimeter.

From Fukushima Minyu, local Fukushima paper (2/1/2013):

「安全でおいしい」 福島市の水道水ペットボトルをPR

"Safe and delicious", bottled tap water in Fukushima City being promoted


The municipal water department of Fukushima City has embarked on a PR campaign to appeal safety using "Fukushima no Mizu [Fukushima water]", the city's tap water in plastic bottles. They are asking the organizers planning conferences and events in the city to use the bottled water so that many people can drink safe water in Fukushima. They hope to eradicate the baseless rumors from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident.


"Fukushima no Mizu" is bottled water filled with the city's tap water. It went on sale in 2008 for tourism promotion. The bottle label was updated last year with the design featuring Hanami-yama, city's popular tourist destination. Radioactive materials are tested, and the bottles have stickers that says "ND", indicating there was no radioactive material detected, to emphasize safety.


After the March 11, 2011 disaster, there have been conferences [held in Fukushima City] with many people from outside the prefecture. "If we could have these people drink our water, we would be able to eradicate baseless rumors." The city's water department started to ask corporations and groups that held these conferences and events if they wanted to use the bottles with the city's water. [The water department] says they are getting excellent reviews.


Officials at the city's water department say, "Tap water in Fukushima City is from Surikamigawa River and it is delicious. Safety is amply secured, so please use it." A 500-milliliter bottle of Fukushima City tap water sells for 100 yen (including sales tax). Pre-order is required.

The detection limit is 1 becquerel/kg in Fukushima City's testing. Before the Fukushima nuclear accident, the Japanese government routinely monitored the radioactive materials in the environment. For tap water, the detection limit ranged from 0.074 to 0.185 millibecquerel/liter in case of Fukushima Prefecture (according to Japan Chemical Analysis Center's database). Note the unit: millibecquerel, one-thousands of a becquerel.

I fondly recall Goshi Hosono's sidekick who drank treated water at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant to demonstrate how safe the water is after the elaborate treatment. Iodine and cesium were ND, but the water was full of tritium.


Anonymous said...

Interesting... French water sells at 88 yen for a 1.5lt bottle at a renown imported food store chain in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Art of comminication :
don't the two with their glasses look like good reliable lab assistants ?
I've read about apple juice (from concentrate) that was rather heavily tainted, it makes me wonder about all these drinks on sale, that do not claim to be from Fuku / Tohoku.
"Save water, drink beer" does'nt solve the problem here.

Darth 3.11 said...

Jesus Christ, you can't taste radioactivity! I'm sure that Russian guy who drank his plutonium contaminated water/wine thought it was delicious, too. Then, he died. Horribly. Fukushima is going to become a misnomer for "Game Over" really quickly at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Sparkling Baseless Rumors - order yours today!

You know it makes sense. And you're supporting Fukushima farmers and rivers. Yes. Delicious.

Delicious in shochu. Or heat with Shizuoka tea (remember?) Or just chill and give to your kids. Mmmm luverly fresh water.

Anonymous said...

(hurry while stocks last)

NYUltraBuddha said...

Does anyone know what happened with the burning of debris in Osaka? According to another blog it was supposed to start this weekend. Arevamirpal, please follow up on this and let us know what is happening. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh these poor Japanese people, I hope they are not just sitting ducks for this kind of criminal behavior. I sincerely hope they have caught onto these reckless, brainless knuckleheads already!

TechDud said...

Quote from Anonymous above:
"Oh these poor Japanese people, I hope they are not just sitting ducks for this kind of criminal behavior."

We are all sitting ducks for this and other kinds of "legalized" criminal behavior.
This type of murder knows no race, color, creed, gender. Age, though, it seems to prefer the young and elderly, those most helpless.


So what happens when people start to believe that they have little or nothing left to lose?


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