Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tokyo Metropolitan Government to IOC: "There is Zero Risk" in Holding 2020 Olympic in Tokyo

As the national government plans to force retailers to sell Fukushima produce, the Tokyo Metropolitan government's Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee declares to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that "there is zero risk" in holding the 2020 Olympic in Tokyo.

No risk from an earthquake, no risk from a tsunami, no risk from a nuclear accident. Not a problem.

Kyodo News reports (1/4/2013):

五輪、地震や原発「ノーリスク」 招致委、IOCに強調

"No risk" from earthquake or nuclear plant accident, Tokyo Olympic Bid Committee emphasizes to IOC


Masato Mizuno, Vice President of Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee disclosed on January 4 that the Committee has declared "No safety risk" from a large earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear problem in the "Candidature File" to be submitted to International Olympic Committee (IOC) on January 7.


[The Candidature File] shows anti-seismic architecture of the Olympic venues; as to tsunami, the map of Tokyo Bay shows "there is sufficient breakwater even if the sea level rises", according to Mizuno.


IOC has pointed out that there are areas whose radiation levels are higher than the standard because of the nuclear accident. The Candidature File counters this by saying "[The radiation levels] are low and stable even in Tohoku. A vigorous test is performed on food items before they are sold in the market."

Oh really.

The Candidature File will be delivered to IOC in Lausanne, Switzerland on January 7 by the captain of Japan's medal-winning women's soccer team.

The choices will be either Tokyo, Japan, or Madrid, Spain, or Istanbul, Turkey.

My bet is on Turkey, but with enough creative marketing (wink wink) on IOC members, IOC may want to help Japan eradicate baseless rumors.


Darth 3/11 said...

Japan is hardly a zero risk country. It's highly risky. Why state such a childish fantasy? Why not say something more adult and supportable, such as the fact that buildings are highly quake resistant, as proven by the huge shaking of and since 3/11? That is a fact, not a juvenile sounding fantasy.

As for radiation, better look to sources outside of Japan for veracity. Oh, and independent sources monitoring and labeling food from suspect areas. That would be (mostly) believable. Not this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

The candidate city from Japan should be one that really needs an economic boost, such as Sendai or Kobe or Naha. Tokyo's obsession with itself prevents the rest of Japan from strengthening.

Anonymous said...

If there is no risk, then why not move the venue up the coast a few hundred km's. In fact, lets have the Olympic village spread along the tsunami zone. Mmmm I smell another shitforbrains ostrich CIVIL servant. Feckless!

Anonymous said...

Japan cannot afford the necessary clean-up effort without the additional burden of hosting the olympics. If the IOC wants to help Japan, it would be best that they choose a different venue.

By the way, the majority of the PEOPLE of tokyo don't want the Olympics in Tokyo. This is a politician's pet project.

Anonymous said...

They should have it at Fukushima. The reactor buildings already look like part of the Bird Nest Stadium and they each have a SFP for swimming. Japan should petition for a demonstration sport like radiation endurance or decontamination races. They could use the Nuclear Poo Boy as their mascot (remember him?) That is an Olympic mascot if I've every seen one.

Only now he could be wearing a (leaky) diaper with an army of people up to their necks eternally cleaning up after him.

Anonymous said...

"There is zero risk" in dying immediately from radiation. Bad luck if you develop complications later on. That's how human society rolls.

Workplace Safety Training Videos said...

So is that really a "there is zero risk" in anything for Japan for the coming Olympic 2020 as one of the choices place to be held? i think the committee should make the right choices.

Greyhawk said...

At the rate Tokyo is being contaminated there will be no need for street lamps at night. The entire city will glow in the dark. I guess the hosts will have to tell everyone to keep smiling so the radiation will not hurt them.

Anonymous said...

There is no zero risk anywhere, although a short stay in Tokyo is not a big risk IMHO. What's more weird is the rush to host the Olympics : I don't of any city in recent times making anything else than losses at that game. There's no free lunch.
Japan hosted the world football cup, it now has abandonned huge stadiums, closed down as they are too expensive to maintain.
And I too was quite glad my city lost the race to London.
Timeo Danaos et dona ferrentes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know of any city in recent times... sorry.

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