Saturday, January 5, 2013

Zero Hedge: Two Spaniards Self-Immolate Due To Financial Problems

"Strong recovery" of the global stock markets in 2012 surely indicates a robust rebound of the global economy, in the minds of central bankers and politicians in the so-called developed nations, from Bernanke to Draghi to Shirakawa, from Rajoy to Obama to Abe.

But people on the street don't seem to buy into that idea, as their lot hasn't particularly improved. It has gotten decidedly worse, apparently, for the two Spaniards, as Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge writes (1/5/2012):

Two Spaniards Self-Immolate Due To Financial Problems

First it was a German, then an Italian, and now, two months, later, the European self-immolation wave has spread to the country that many expect will be the next one to follow Greece into effective debt default. El Pais reports that an impoverished 57-year-old man who set himself on fire in Málaga Thursday, and subsequently died of his injuries at Carlos Haya hospital. He had third-degree burns on 80 percent of his body and suffered a multi-organ failure. The victim, thought to be of Moroccan origin, had worked in construction for years but was out of a job now, said people who knew him. In the last few months he had been scraping a living with the small change he made guiding cars into parking spaces near the hospital, an illegal practice that is usually overlooked by authorities. The police, who have not yet located his relatives, are not ruling out the possibility of an accident just as the man was lighting up a cigarette. Just two minutes before the event, he bought a pack of cigarettes from a local newsstand whose owner asked him how he was doing.

“I don’t even have enough money for food,” he replied. The man is thought to have been homeless at the present time, and seemed even more depressed than on other occasions, said the stand owner.
Several taxi drivers came to the rescue with their vehicles’ fire extinguishers when they saw the man go up in flames on a side street from the hospital. A few hours after being admitted into the emergency room there, he was transferred to a specialized burn unit in Seville, where doctors were unable to save his life.
He was the unlucky one - as BBC follows, another Spaniard also lit himself on fire on Thursday night, in the same city, but lived.

Another man is being treated in the same hospital apparently after setting himself alight in Malaga on Thursday.

The 63-year-old was found with serious injuries beside his burning car under a road bridge, police said.

No other details were given of that man but, according to Spain's El Mundo newspaper, preliminary investigations indicated that the fire had been lit intentionally.
Spanish media have reported a number of cases in recent months of people facing poverty in the country's recession killing themselves.

Considering it was an identical act of self-immolation in Tunisia that set off the Arab Spring in the winter of 2011, Europe has for shown far more resiliency to socio-economic collapse than many had expected, although this is not unexpected: after all, Europeans, and especially Spaniards, still have more to lose than gain by rising up against a reverse Robin Hood globalist system bent on taking from what's left of the middle class and giving to the status quo banking oligarchy. Or so they think: the big strawman, is and for the past 150 years has been the welfare state myth.

Then again, now that Spain has almost drained its entire social security fund, and replaced it with worthless ECB repo material, i.e., Spanish bonds, will Spaniards finally wake up and realize that while they were snoozing, their government spent 90% of their pension and retirement money to prop up the Ponzi for one more year. And instead of committing suicide, or even patching up various symptomps, shouldn't the people of Spain, and all of Europe, finally address the real underlying cause of their misery: a dysfunctional government, which contrary to indication, is merely a puppet in a banker-led globalist system?
If not, how many more people have to burn themselves to death before it becomes clear?


Anonymous said...

I think this problem stands to increase across the globe this is just the beginning if things continue as they are soon there may be a growing market for Suicide Booths.

This guy might be the next Bill Gates right now it's just a suicide simulation but with a few tweaks he could be selling rides to the afterlife.

Anonymous said...

That booth will be promoted by the governments around the world, I predict.

Maju said...

Thanks for all this information. I live in Europe (technically in "Spain", although I consider my country as being under centenary occupation) and I would not have noticed otherwise.

These issues are all most serious and underline the catastrophic course of a European Union which is only interested nowadays on diverting people's work and money to a bankster elite.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

>These issues are all most serious and underline the catastrophic course of a European Union which is only interested nowadays on diverting people's work and money to a bankster elite.

Cannot agree with you more. Ditto in the US, ditto in Japan.

Anonymous said...

FKSXE- you really crack me up! "is merely a puppet in a banker-led globalist system?"

The boy wonder

the pork cutlet

I'm starting to think you're either a genius or a plant.

Either way, great stuff!

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Oh boy. After one year and 10 months, I'm still called a "plant"...

Anonymous said...

It was meant as a joke. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you on this one.

This is symptomatic of global insanity -- and yet, the generation who lived through the 1950s and 1960s continues with the same dreams of a "safe" state and/or corporate job -- if you do everything "right" and never protest, for sure a magic patron is going to elevate you, precisely you, as a good citizen and consumer...

Just too stupid to be believed, and meanwhile, people die in tremendous pain...

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