Wednesday, July 8, 2009

California To Ditch Two-Third Rule And Prop.13 ?

Heard it on the NPR radio today.

California legislators busy bickiering over bills on fruits and pomegranate juice (I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Resnick have a say in it) while they collect per diem (currently $173 max in Sacramento) and perfunctorily attempt to balance the budget want to blame the super-majority rule or two-third rule - the rule that says two-thirds of the lawmakers in both houses have to agree on the budget.

NPR claims California voters are rethinking the two-third majority rule, while 73% OPPOSE ditching the Proposition 13, which currently requires the two-third majority.

Rethinking the Two-Thirds Rule (7/8/09 NPR California Report)
(Sorry their embed code didn't work.)

My suspicious mind whispers, "They WANT to bankrupt California so that they can ditch both two-third rule and Proposition 13 by bankruptcy judge's unitary decision."


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