Monday, July 6, 2009

Michelle Obama's UC Merced visit cost school $1M

And the first lady wasn't even paid for her appearance. What a shame.

Michelle Obama's UC Merced visit cost school $1M (7/6/09 AP via Yahoo News)

"MERCED, Calif. – The final price of the University of California, Merced's commencement ceremony featuring first lady Michelle Obama was more than $1 million — surpassing the original estimate tenfold.

"Private contributions and interest on a private endowment fund have helped cover the cost. UC spokeswoman Patti Waid Istas said that nonstate dollars and other contributions will be used to cover the remaining balance of around $362,338.

"The school had budgeted $100,000 for the May commencement ceremony. The price tag ended up being $1.04 million.

"The address attracted about 12,000 visitors, requiring additional transportation, audiovisual and multimedia needs and other items. Obama was neither paid for her appearance nor compensated for travel and security."


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