Monday, July 6, 2009

Rumor: Swiss Government To Cut Diplomatic Ties With U.S.?

from Blog.

William Tell, Call Your Office (Lew Rockwell, 7/5/09 The LRC Blog)

"Writes a Swiss friend:

There are rumours in Geneva this weekend that the Swiss government is on the edge of breaking off diplomatic relations with the US, over the harassment Swiss banks and the Swiss government have been getting from the IRS, calling it a violation of national sovereignty. I knew they were pissed off… but didn’t think they’d ever tire of being Mordor’s paid minions. I can also tell you that Americans here have been going bats over the IRS’s new demands for what amounts to double taxation and full disclosure, or confiscation of passports at US borders and threats of jail time. It all smacks of an amazing level of desperation. When I was little, the Soviet mission here was ringed by barbed wire and guard towers. Today, it’s the US mission which has barbed wire and guard towers."


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