Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lewrockwell.com Under Attack

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LRC Under Attack (Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., 9/7/2010 Lewrockwell.com)

"...This summer, however, there were two new assaults, which cost a lot of money to fix. The first was an attack on LRC’s small donation system, resulting in thousands of phony gifts that outraged the poor people whose names were used, and their card-issuers. We fixed it, and have prevented such a hate-scam in the future, but it was costly.

"At the same time, we were caught in the crosshairs of the copyright snipers. All of a sudden, thanks to a giant, Obama-connected law firm, what had been legal "fair use" on the Internet became a crime. We were threatened by huge fines and the obliteration of the LewRockwell.com URL. But that wouldn’t have been necessary. The fines would have taken care of us." [Emphasis is mine.]

Now that sounds like the same attack that has been launched against the GOP Senate candidate of Nevada, Sharron Angle, by Righthaven LLC, who is seeking "damages of $150,000 against Angle personally and forfeiture of her website domain name sharronangle.com", according to Las Vegas Sun.

I don't know if the law firm that attacked Lewrockwell.com was Righthaven LLC or not. There are other firms with the similar business model, which is "to buy the copyrights to newspaper content and then turn around and sue bloggers for copyright infringement." For more, read this blog. (The link also has the list of newspapers using the "services" of Righthaven LLC.)

As to the Righthaven connection to the Obamas, check here.


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