Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama's War in Afghanistan

It feels more and more like a cross between Apocalypse Now and Lord of the Flies.

Twelve U.S. soldiers face trial after Afghan civilians 'were killed for sport and their fingers collected as trophies' (9/10/2010 Mail Online)

"A dozen US soldiers are facing trail accused of being part of a 'kill team' that allegedly killed Afghan civilians in an arbitrary fashion - and they even collected their victims' fingers as trophies of war.

"Five soldiers have been charged with the killing three Afghan men 'for sport'. And seven more are accused of covering up the murders.

"In one of the most serious accusations of war crimes to come out of the Afghan war, the deaths are alleged to have been carried out by members of a Stryker infantry brigade based in Kandahar province, southern Afghanistan.

"But the father of one of the five accused of murder said today he tried to warn the Army that troops in his son's unit had killed civilians.

"By the time suspects were arrested in May, two more Afghans were dead.

"Christopher Winfield said his son Adam, 22, was so disgusted after the first killing that he sent Facebook messages home asking for help.

"Winfield called the Army and a military hot line asking officials to investigate - to no avail." [The article continues.]

Well, who needs Wikileaks to see the Afghan war for what it is?

What Obama is doing in Afghanistan, aside from killing Afghan civilians in the name of ... why are we there anyway? ... is to kill and maim the young Americans, both physically and psychologically.

Winfield's son says the following in the article:

'There are no more good men left here. It eats away at my conscience everyday.'

Will the Commander in Chief be playing yet another round of golf this weekend? Just curious...


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