Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001

On this day, I'll remember all the people who perished on that fateful day 9 years ago in the World Trade Center buildings, fire fighters and policemen and volunteers who tried to save as many people as possible, and the families who lost their loved ones.

It should never have been about:

Koran burning,

Islam vs Christianity,

Ground-Zero mosque,

all of which seem to have been quickly foisted upon us just in time so that we forget what the day was about. It all started to accelerate when President Obama suddenly decided to speak out in favor of the Ground-Zero mosque/community center, citing, of all things, the US Constitution. Wag the dog.

It was the day that America as we knew died. Much like September 2008 when the financial system - lifeblood of a free market and thus of a free society - died. In a way, September 2008 financial market collapse was long-time coming; it was inevitable after the country had "died" seven years prior. For both deaths, we still don't know how they happened; hastily enacted measures have most likely made things worse, be it the Patriot Act, or the doubling of the Federal Reserve balance sheet and market intervention.

Instead of burning Koran, why don't they burn the symbol of oppression in the United States - the Patriot Act which was pressed on us immediately after 9/11 and which keeps on taking away our rights?

(Who is this pastor who wanted to burn Koran, anyway?)

To a small faction of the Christian opponents of the Ground Zero mosque who are confusing the radical Islam with the far more moderate form of Islam as practiced in many parts of the world (Indonesia and Malaysia come to mind as an excellent example - and they are smart too, for using gold coins): Do you know that the Koran venerates Jesus Christ?

And as for this Sufi imam who picked that site as his mosque/community center precisely because it is only two blocks away from the Ground Zero, as alleged by this blogger at Forbes, is it OK for him to be overtly provocative and insensitive just because he is a Muslim? (Or just because the US is occupying the Muslim countries?) Does it bother anyone that he is a regular at Davos meetings (World Economic Forum) and that his trips to Middle East have been paid for by the US government? A total insider approved by PTB (power that be)?


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