Friday, October 29, 2010

Cargo Plane "Bomb Scare" Results In Extensive Pat-Downs for Airline Passengers

The "bomb" that looks like an old, broken printer with decaying cartridge on a cargo plane will cause extensive, intrusive pat-downs for airline passengers.


For those of you looking for a logic or connection between the two events: there's none.

In the warped and pornographic mind of TSA and Janet Napolitano, a problem on a cargo plane will be solved by patting down and harassing customers of a passenger plane.

For more on this new and improved security measure and equally inexplicable (to me) reactions from the passengers (as quoted in the article), go here.

Remember the Christmas panty bomber from last year? He was instrumental in having whole-body scanners introduced in airports around the world and making Michael Chertoff a richer man.

I wonder which "foreign intelligence service" tipped Brits this time. What's your guess?

Packages were addressed to synagogues in Chicago, which Obama called "Jewish places of worship". (What is this, a Jeopardy answer or something?)

Yemeni government officials adamantly insist that the packages didn't come from Yemen, that there was no US cargo plane that departed Yemen within the last 48 hours.


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