Saturday, October 30, 2010

New 'Czar' Coming Out of Ink Cartridge "Bomb"?

This last-minute "terror" to scare the gullible mass on the eve of the US mid-term election should warrant a new czar quickly appointed by the US President so that America is "secure", shouldn't it?

Let's see...

Obama already has the counterterrorism czar in John Brennan. But that hasn't stopped Obama from securing the US by having the Af-Pak czar, the Middle East czar, the Iran czar, etc.

The names I would suggest for the new czar are:

Yemen czar (that's boring...)
Cargo Shipping Security czar (that's more like it, I think.)
Used Ink Cartridge czar (my choice)

On the other hand, we already have the CIA (the link goes to Washington Post article from August 2010) who's been active already in Yemen...

False-Flag czar, anyone?

And remember, Yemeni officials say there's no UPS or FedEx flight into and out of Yemen.

Also remember that Washington Post has a content partnership with 36,760-member-strong GovLoop, a social networking site for the federal government workers that promotes a wonderful idea that "Government Doesn't Suck" because it is staffed with "cool cats" who watch Jon Stewart's show.


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