Friday, October 29, 2010

Ink Cartridge from Yemen - Was This Supposed to Be the 'October Surprise'?

If it was, it is kind of fitting in an environment where nothing seems to work - whether it is a federal 'stimulus', Democratic last-minute push to retain control, Bank of Japan's effort to suppress yen...

From CNN:

A package in London, England, that has sparked alarm about cargo arriving into the United States had white powder all over it as well as wires and a circuit card attached, a law-enforcement source said. The package came from Sana, Yemen and was bound for Chicago, Illinois, the source said. Investigators are examining two similar packages - one on a plane in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, and another in East Midlands, in the United Kingdom.

In the last 24 hours, security officials received a tip from an unnamed ally that packages coming from Yemen were destined for synagogues in Chicago, Illinois, according to information given to CNN contributor Fran Townsend.

A "number" of suspicious packages have been found in England, a British security source said. All were sent from the same person in Yemen through UPS and had American destinations.

Yemen Embassy spokesman Mohammed Albasha in Washington said no UPS or FedEx flights take off or land in Yemen.

And... (drumroll please)...It's Al-Qaeda!
U.S. officials believe that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula was behind the plot that caused a security scare at English and American airports on Friday.

So they found out about these suspicious packages because an "unnamed ally" tipped them. The package that triggered alarm had white powder all over it and a circuit board and wires attached to it. Hmmmm. I find it hard to believe that UPS or FedEx would accept such a package to begin with... And there is no UPS flight in and out of Yemen. And it is the work of Al-Qaeda.



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