Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Radioactive Used Cars from #Fukushima Found Their Way to Nakhodka, Russia

59 Used cars and used small machinery exported from Japan to Vladivostok and Nakhodka in Russian Siberia this month have been found to be radioactive, though the radiation level is negligible.

NHK Japanese reported on April 24 that:

関係者によりますと、このうち、少なくとも今月16日に新潟港からナホトカに輸入された中古車のうち2台については、福島県からのものであることが車に備 え付けられていた書類から確認できたということです。放射性物質は、タイヤについた泥などから検出され、放射線量は、通常のおよそ6倍に当たる0.7マイ クロシーベルトで、直ちに健康への影響を与える値ではないということです。

According to people involved, at least two of the used cars imported to Nakhodka from the Port of Niigata on April 16 have been confirmed to have come from Fukushima Prefecture by the documents that accompanied the cars. Radioactive materials were found in the dirt on the tires, and the radiation level was 0.7 micro-sievert/hr, 6 times the normal level. There is no immediate ill effect on health at that level.


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