Sunday, April 24, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant "Contamination Map" Emerges, Sort Of...

(UPDATE: Sankei Shinbun has the TEPCO Map. h/t anon)


These maps are not created by TEPCO but by the Japanese MSM based on the TEPCO's map, which may have more precise numbers and more locations (see the Kyodo article in my previous post).

But the masses don't need to know, say TPTB, so we are fed with half-a_s maps made by the MSM.

First, the map made by Yomiuri Shinbun. It shows the approximate radiation levels at 12 different locations out of "230" locations where the radiation is measured (according to Yomiuri). The numbers are in milli-sievert/hour:

Here's one by Asahi Shinbun. Slightly better, as it shows more locations, but there are no precise numbers. Again, the numbers are in milli-sievert/hour:


netudiant said...

The focus on the scattered pieces of radioactive debris around the reactor site is misdirected.
While these radioactive lumps slow down the clean up process somewhat, they are irrelevant to the real problem, the radioactive lake, 400meters long, 25 meters wide and 7 meters deep, that sits inside the plant.
No remediation of the reactors can take place until this lake is drained. That will be by next year, if we are lucky. Meanwhile, the reactors and spent fuel pools continue to emanate radioactive vapors that pollute the countryside.
Better ideas are desperately needed.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Actual map was released on the 24th. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Robbie 001 here, well my Google account has been suspended for "unusual activity" I've been having intermittent problems logging on to my google account since a few days after the beginning of the disaster. Since I've only used my gaccount to post information related to the Fukushima disaster I guess someone might not be happy with me and they tried to hack my account.

What has me thinking is I have to give them a Ph# to verify my account but I didn't use a ph# to setup my account so I don't see how that is going to help verify that I am the person who set up the account. They should be asking for the email I used to setup up the account or better yet shouldn't they be sending a verification request there? I think this is a form of phishing so I guess I'll just have to sign my anonymous posts in the future.

I think the reason the public fallout map is so incomplete is because people like Arnie Gundersen could extrapolate useful information from a more detailed map. It is getting pretty obvious that the Jnuc/Jgov forces are working to control the release of useful info with a flurry of anemic fluff pieces.

It looks like the the local movers will be asking for an extended contamination map of the surrounding area. So far the movers are refusing to venture into the affected region but I think the government may try to force their hand. This is just another one of the many "who could have know" moments we've seen so far. The Hibakusha may be ignored by the Japanese but this phenomena of ostracism is well know. The Japanese nuclear industry has always ignored the possibility and consequences of vast segments of the population being shunned because of major accident.

"Movers turn away evacuees / People told to relocate get cold shoulder from moving firms":

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Robbie, Google does some strange things. Unusual activity? For daring to post on Fukushima accident?

You're right about the radiation map. Sankei Shinbun posted the actual map in such a low rez you can't see anything.

Thanks for the yomiuri article. I was going to write about it and lost the link.

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