Thursday, April 28, 2011

US 2012 Election: "The Fed Will Make Sure Obama Wins in 2012"

According to a strategist quoted by CNBC.

From CNBC (4/28/2011):

As we approach next year's presidential elections, the chances of President Barack Obama being ousted by a rival from either side of the political divide are low, according to Thanos Papasavvas, the head of currency management at Investec Asset Management.

“History is very much on the side of the incumbent President and unless we have a double-dip recession with a significant increase in unemployment I don’t believe Obama will lose 2012,” Papasavvas said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

On the economic side, any signs of a deteriorating economic environment will see the Fed enacting QE3 (the third round of quantitative easing, or creating money) and hence indirectly reducing the probability of the economy derailing Obama,” Papasavvas added.

With the Republicans divided and no major rival yet to emerge, Papasavvas believes the American right wing will keep its powder dry for 2016 when four years of fiscal austerity will play into their hands.

“With no credible Republican heavyweight to face Obama, even those who have indicated their intent to run like Mitt Romney are unlikely to burn significant political or actual capital for 2012 preferring instead to wait for the 2016 election,” said Papasavvas.

On the separate news, CBS's Bob Schieffer says Donald Trump is a racist for raising doubts about Obama's school grades.

From Mail Online (4/28/2011):

'Trump is a racist': Bob Schieffer attacks The Apprentice host... as liberals desert reality show in protest at anti-Obama campaign

* Trump: 'I am the last person this should be said about.'

A senior CBS news anchor today labelled Donald Trump's campaign to raise doubts about President Obama's school grades as an 'ugly strain of racism'.

Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer made the comments in the wake of Mr Trump's calls yesterday for Mr Obama to release college transcripts 'proving' he had the grades to enter Columbia and Harvard.

The attack came as new research suggested viewers for Celebrity Apprentice - some of the most liberal for any TV show - were deserting the program due to Mr Trump's outspoken rants against Mr Obama.

The furore came soon after the President released his full birth certificate - finally putting the question of his citizenship beyond reasonable doubt.

Yesterday Mr Trump called on the President to release his college transcripts.

Reacting to the call, Mr Schieffer said: 'That's just code for saying he got into law school because he's black.

'This is an ugly strain of racism that's running through this whole thing.'

(The article continues.)

The campaign theme seems to have been set, and it's "racism" again.


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