Sunday, April 3, 2011

Crook Meets Crook: GE's Immelt Meets TEPCO's Katsumata

Immelt met Katsumata, TEPCO's chairman and acting president while the regular one is being hospitalized for high blood pressure, on April 3, 2011 (JST) and promised that GE would assist TEPCO in dealing with Fukushima I Nuke Plant and in meeting the demand for power in the summer months.

Never waste a good crisis; it's a new business opportunity. Never mind that it was GE's Mark I reactor that was used in all of the Fukushima I reactors except Reactor 6. It's the earthquake that caused the problem, not GE's reactors, right? Besides, it's TEPCO's lax safety protocol, right?

So Prez Obama's promise to help the Japanese in any way he could was to send his buddy Immelt to sell GE's "expertise"? Great.

By the way, I've heard from some people in Chile that when the president went down there on the way from his Rio vacation it was partly to sell nuclear plants to Chile. Remember, the visit was after the earthquake/tsunami on March 11.

From Reuters (4/3/2011):

TOKYO (Reuters) - General Electric Co , which helped build the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant damaged by Japan's earthquake and tsunami, will help the plant's operator supply electricity in the coming summer when power demand soars.

GE chief executive Jeff Immelt, on a visit to Japan, met with officials at Tokyo Electric Power Co Ltd <9501.T> about the crippled Fukushima plant, site of the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

"Immelt said GE would cooperate with TEPCO on restarting and strengthening its thermal power generation in anticipation of the rise in power demand for the summer," a TEPCO official told a webcast news briefing.

"As one of the manufacturers (of the reactors), he wanted to say GE wants to provide ideas to help resolve the situation," said the official from Japan's biggest utility.

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