Saturday, April 9, 2011

OT: Comments on This Blog

Ever since the earthquake/tsunami/Fukushima I nuke plant accident on March 11, an increasing number of people have started to come to my blog. Many have commented on the posts, offering insights, links, criticisms, corrections, encouragements.

Thank you very much for your participation.

However, an increased traffic has also brought "spams" recently, which, unlike the other comments I receive, don't seem to be based on facts or reality and which Google has already, automatically categorized as "spam". These new "spams" are not selling anti-virus software, trip to India, or cruise lines, but they seem to promote the idea that I'm lying to suit my agenda. What agenda I haven't a clue. (That I am against the Fed? LOL) So Google must have a good reason to categorize these messages as gibberish and as spam. I wouldn't have even known these comments had been received if I hadn't happened to click on the "spam" tab by accident.

I continue to welcome all your comments from the fact-based, reality-based world, but I will let Google continue to do its work of identifying the "spams" and keeping "spams" under the "spam"tab.


Anonymous said...

I find the contents of your spam file actually funny.
I'm from the US, and your site is the first one I usually check concerning Fukushima. You always have news, hours even days, before the main stream media over here does, and it always checks out to be factual.
I haven't found one instance where you have posted something untrue or made-up.
If you've made TPTB unhappy, you must be doing something right.
I only worry they'll try to shut you down entirely.
Take care.

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