Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant: TEPCO Says Highly Contaminated Water from the Pit Stopped

OK. So the water is going elsewhere.

It's getting to be like "Whack a Mole". One hole seemingly plugged, and water spews out somewhere else.

However, if any Fukushima I Nuke Plant news was reported in Japan in the past few days, it was either about this hole that was spewing radioactive water, or the dumping of contaminated water into the ocean. Wag the Dog.

The real deal is their sheer inability and impossibility to cool the Reactors on a permanent basis because of way too much radiation in the reactor buildings and turbine buildings. Sure they can use the temporary pumps hooked up to the external power, or concrete pumps to sprinkle water to the Spent Fuel Pools, but these operations simply generate more highly contaminated water.

Unless you get the pumps up and running, they are nowhere near "the stable" condition.

What a better way to hide that fact, than to let people (particularly the so-called journalists) focus on a crack in the pit?

(I still think that "crack", which we now know is on the substrate level below the floor of the pit, is a regular drain.)

Isn't there any Japanese reporter who can ask the most fundamental question? "What is your plan?" Not the piecemeal cutesy little silly "solutions" (like bath salt and sawdust) to plug a figurative hole in the bigger mess all around them, but a systematic, fleshed-out plan for the bigger mess itself. It's been almost 26 days since the earthquake/tsunami that knocked out the plant. Sure they have a plan by now, don't you think?

From Yomiuri (7:19AM JST 5/6/2011):

The contaminated water with high concentration of radioactive materials flowing into the ocean near the water intake of the Reactor 2 in Tokyo Electric Power Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant had stopped, as of April 6 morning.

TEPCO confirmed [that the flow had stopped] at 5:30AM, and announced.




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