Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ex-CIA Director James Woosley Is With One of the VCs Backing Kurion

Kurion, whose cesium absorbing zeolite towers are getting ready for the full-scale operation at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, has two VCs (venture capital firms) investing in it: Firelake Capital in Palo Alto, California and Lux Capital in New York.

Searching information on Kurion's vitrification method, I found this article instead.

From Greentech Media (4/26/2011):

James Woolsey, the former CIA director and venture partner with VantagePoint Venture Capital, has joined Lux Capital along with Richard Foster, a McKinsey alum and prolific author.

Woolsey is one of the regular speakers on the greentech circuits -- and one of the more interesting ones. He was one of the first to hammer home the lesson that green technology and national security are intertwined. Woolsey will concentrate on energy and Foster on life sciences.

...Ideally, Woolsey and Foster can help the firm create tighter links between its companies and established industries.

Considering one of the largest target customers of Kurion is the US government, having Woosley won't hurt.


Jeff Rey Dillon said...

How does nuclear energy and green technology connect to national security? Two different birds.

Anonymous said...

In Washington, all products are marketed as "national security" because that's where the government spends money. "Environmental" programs, like education, food safety and healthcare, are targeted for cuts.

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