Monday, June 13, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Accident: Dairy Farmer Commits Suicide in Soma City, Fukushima

He left a note, which said "If only there was no nuke plant..."

The dairy farmer lived outside the evacuation zones (mandatory and planned). Part of his despair was that he wouldn't get compensated for his loss and hardship by the government because he lived outside the government-ordered evacuation zones. He was probably, and sadly, right.

Soma City is about 43 kilometers from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Yomiuri Shinbun (3:09AM JST 6/14/2011) reports:


It was revealed on June 13 that a dairy farmer in his 50s had committed suicide, leaving a note saying "if only there was no nuke plant". He had already killed his cows and given up on his dairy farming.


According to people who knew him, the farmer's body was found in the barn on June 11. He had written on the wall of the barn with a piece of white chalk, "I don't feel like working any more," and "for those of you still in dairy farming, don't let the nuke plant get you down."


The farmer lived in the area where the shipment of raw milk was initially halted, and he was dumping all the milk he milked from his cows. By the beginning of June, he had disposed about 30 cows. He had succeeded his parents in dairy farming. His elder sister told the Yomiuri reporter that she was reluctant to talk about his brother's death for the sake of his children, but she wanted to tell people about the nuke plant [and how it destroyed his brother].


One of the fellow dairy farmers, a 51-year-old man, said "He kept saying there would be no compensation [from the government] because he was not in the evacuation zones." A 53-year-old farmer who knew him said, "Every time I contacted him, he was distressed that he had lost everything, thanks to the nuke plant."


Kim and Kame said...

Such a tragic story and unfortunately many more will probably follow.
My sympathies to his family and friends.
Avoidable and unforgivable! TEPCO!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, most governments wait, because if they wait long enough, Dead Men Tell No Tales. That is the sad truth, I believe.

Top Dog said...

This tragedy could be prevented.

Cows feed Bentonite or Zeolite with their normal grass, or with Bentonite in their water would be detoxed from the radioactive contamination.

These simple, inexpensive natural remedies bind and remove toxins, rendering them harmless.

In Washington state, I continue to drink raw goat milk, but the goats are first fed Bentonite Clay. We've also been detoxing since March 18.

The situation is grim for the entire Northern hemisphere. There is much that we can do, see my top choices to combat damages from radiation.

Anonymous said...

He probably realized that death by radiation poisoning is very painful, something all of us will soon discover-it is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame him for what he did.
He got what all of us got,
Lies, deceit and betrayal.
That's what governments do best.
He knew the score.

Anonymous said...

Excelllllennnt.......Japan is all ready DEAD they just don't know it yet...[REMEMBER]......Japan was number it is CHINA......Hummmmm...Was the FIX in long ago...???... .. [or not].. ... .. ..goodby Japan HELLO CHINA.. .. .. ...................word for word......................A fortiori.............322

Anonymous said...

My sincere prayers for the people of Japan.

Anonymous said...

Sad story, very sad indeed... God bless his soul...

Anonymous said...

I know what came upon him, because I have lost eveything too.

Anonymous said...

So so tragic, and all down to greed and or a depopulation programme to rid the world of useless eaters. No other reason makes sense to me because alot of nuclear reactors are built on fault zones when there are far safer places. If the New Madrid Fault zone goes we will all need a new planet. What do our global elite dirt bags know. They have to breath the same air.

Anonymous said...

Elite dirt bags have had built humongous sub-terrain
cities, where to hibernate for a while.
Why don't you name them, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

the wealthy elite have millions if not billions of bodies hanging over their heads, they never take responsibility for their crimes against humanity, they are satanist, only satanist can do what they do.

Bruce Hayden said...

None of the TEPCO officials have committed seppuku
yet? How shameful! I suppose the generation in power does not carry on the moral traditions of their forefathers. 'Saving face' is just a game of ritual pretense among the higher classes now. Isn't greed wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy fruitcakes seem to have forgotten this disaster was caused by a TSUNAMI triggered by a massive earthquake. TEPCO didn't cause it. Rothschild Zionist Agendas didn't cause it. Natural disaster caused it! Get over it already.

Bruce Hayden said...

Another Anonymous that likes the kool-aid. You are
abysmally deficient in your knowledge of unconventional warfare. Ignorance sucks.

4Yahshua said...

Please take Boron capsules and give it to your critters. It rids cow's milk of its radiation and is being used by dairy farmers. (Also C,D3,E, and Green Tea Extract) Sad times for Planet Earth brought to us by man! Be sealed with the Names of the Father and Son (Yahweh and Yahshua, Revelation 14:1 Yahshua is returning SOON and no New World Order can stop Him! HalleluYah! This ancient Hebrew word means "Praise ye Yah".

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