Wednesday, June 15, 2011

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 3: Video of Inside the Reactor Bldg (6/9/2011)

Workers from TEPCO and its affiliate companies entered the Reactor 3 reactor building on June 9 to measure radiation levels. (They also took the gamma ray photos, as you can see in my post.)

TEPCO released the video of the work on June 15, and here it is, courtesy of Mainichi Shinbun. (You can download your own at TEPCO's site, here.) According to the caption of the video, it was shot by a Toshiba employee. For their 30-minute effort, they received between 5.88 to 7.98 millisieverts external radiation, twice of what had been planned.

You get to see the contaminated water in the basement, toward the end.


Anonymous said...

You do note some real hesitation in anticipating going down those stairs.


Anonymous said...

I used a youtube down loader (pwnyoutube) and had a close frame by frame look at this video.

Throughout the video, despite the low resolution and contrast, you can see pervasive 'sparklies' of gamma radiation hitting the sensor. Still a high radiation environment.

At about 1:17 in, you can see steam coming off the basement water. It's clearly clouds of steam above the water moving around. It would be interesting to know how hot the water is. However, since the top of the building is open to the air, imagine your bathroom with the door open, the humidity for the workers does not seem too bad. Certainly no serious fogging on the camera shows up. This will be a big point if they cover the building. It may turn straight into reactor 2, with unbearable heat and humidity.

Later in the video, you see a green tidemark on the walls, and the camera looks down to the water, which is also yellow/green. A good question here, is this from the seawater that was pumped in to cool the reactor, or does the color come from the primary ingredient of the fuel rods, uranium oxides -- MOX fuel is still mainly uranium -- which are used in various fields to make yellows and browns.

Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

I can't wait to see what happens when they finish operation pup tent and "none" of the radiation can escape from the buildings. I thought the air purification system they sent up before didn't do a whole lot (looks like space suit time). How are they going to control the radioactive humidity once they button up the facility? It looks like they'll have to build a giant dehumidifier or AC unit and channel the condensate into the water treatment path. I bet this will introduce it own set of problems and unexpected expense.

Anonymous said...

Not to be cynical, but I think the tents are a PR stunt to take away the trashed reactor buildings from view and show nice clean structures.

doitujin said...

like the guys from time to time seen in the fukuiti live kamera, they are moving so slowly, like it was a normal work environment... creepy.

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