Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Extend and Pretend: Japanese Government to Permanently Return Residents in Evacuation-Ready Zone Outside 20 Kilometer-Radius

Remember the Naraha-machi mayor who wanted to re-start Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant as soon as possible and have the final reprocessing plant in his town as the "post-nuke" plan for the town? It seems like he's getting his wish.

As soon as the national government receives plans from the municipalities on how they will re-open the public services in their towns, that will be good enough for the government to lift the designation of the "emergency evacuation-ready zone" and have all the residents back to their homes.

Never, ever mind that the area's radiation level is anywhere near safe not just for children and young mothers but for anyone.

From Yomiuri Shinbun (8/9/2011):


The Nuclear Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters (headed by Prime Minister Kan) held a meeting on August 9 and decided to lift the "emergency evacuation-ready zone" designation all at once.


It will be done when the municipalities in the designated zone submit their recovery plans, which are expected sometime between later this month and the early September.


The "emergency evacuation-ready zone" has been set in areas outside 20-kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, and includes 5 municipalities - Minami Soma City, Tamura City, Hirono-machi, Naraha-machi, and Kawauchi-mura. The residents in the "emergency evacuation-ready zone" in these municipalities are to be ready to evacuate in a nuclear emergency, and they have been encouraged to voluntarily evacuate children. According to the Nuclear Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters, the 5 municipalities are to submit the recovery plans to the government by early September at the latest with details on when the schools and medical facilities in their municipalities will re-open. As soon as the government receives the plans, it will lift the "emergency evacuation-ready zone" designation and let the residents return. During the meeting, Prime Minister Kan instructed the ministries and agencies involved to cooperate closely to assist the residents in returning from evacuation.


Anonymous said...

Robbie001 sez:

Results of Greenpeace monitoring of seafood brought into various ports:


Contaminated seafood and government cover-up at Fukushima":


Anonymous said...

So, is the government is encouraging people to bring the children back?

It says they already advised voluntary evacuation of the children, but it sounds like older people are living there right now anyway, prepared to evacuate. Are they not required to be prepared for evacuation anymore? What's new?

Why don't they wait until the municipalities carry out the most important parts of their recovery plans first? Just having a plan doesn't mean things will go as planned.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon, what's new is that they are not ordered by the government to be evacuation-ready any more - i.e. if they go somewhere to escape radiation, they are on their own, no government support. And yes, children are to return once it's declared "safe".

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