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Three Plutonium Brothers of Japan: "They Are So Safe You Can Drink It" (Updated with Transcript)

(UPDATE: Transcript at the bottom for those who'd rather read.)

The original Japanese video was compiled by "sievert311":

"sievert311" also has a Dr. Shunichi "100 millisievert is safe" Yamashita's video in three languages (English, Spanish, French). Check it out.


Tokyo Brown Tabby's latest captioning is over the collection of video clips of three Japanese nuclear researchers, claiming safety for plutonium on the national TV. The first two appeared on TV after the March 11 accident to assure the public that there was nothing to worry about on plutonium, because it was so safe.

Three Plutonium Brothers are:

(1)Tadashi Narabayashi
Professor in Engineering
at Hokkaido University
(in TV Asahi "Sunday Scramble" on Apr. 3, 2011)

(2)Keiichi Nakagawa
Associate Professor in Radiology
The University of Tokyo Hospital
(in Nippon TV "news every" on Mar. 29, 2011)

(3)Hirotada Ohashi
Professor in System Innovation
University of Tokyo
(at a panel discussion in Saga Pref. on Dec. 25, 2005, regarding using MOX fuel at Genkai Nuke Plant)

Transcript of the video. Spread the word, make them accountable:

Tadashi Narabayashi
Professor in Engineering
Hokkaido University
(in TV Asahi "Sunday Scramble" on Apr. 3, 2011)

Well, half of adult males will die if they ingest 200 grams of salt. With only 200 gram. However, oral lethal dose of plutonium-239 is 32g. So, if you compare the toxicity, plutonium, when ingested, is not very different from salt. If you inhale it into your lungs, the lethal dose will be about 10 milligram. This is about the same as potassium cyanide. That sounds scary but the point is plutonium is no different from potassium cyanide. Some toxins like botulism bacillus that causes food
poisoning is much more dangerous. Dioxin is even more dangerous. So, unless you turn plutonium into powder and swallow it into your lungs....

MC: "No one would do that."

Besides, plutonium can be stopped by a single sheet of paper. Plutonium is made into nuclear fuels in facilities with good protective measures, so you don't need to worry.

Keiichi Nakagawa
Associate Professor in Radiology
University of Tokyo Hospital
(in Nippon TV "news every" on Mar. 29, 2011)

For example, plutonium will not be absorbed from the skin. Sometimes you ingest it through food, but in that case, most of it will go out in urine or stools. The problem occurs when you inhale it. Inhaling plutonium is said to increase the risk of lung cancer.

MC: "How will that affect our daily lives?"


MC: "Nothing?"

Nothing. To begin with, this material is very heavy. So, unlike iodine, it won't disperse in the air. Workers at the plant MAY be affected. So, I'd caution them to be careful. But I don't think the public should worry. For example, 50 years ago when I was born, the amount of plutonium was 1000 times higher than now.

MC: "Oh, why?"

Because of nuclear testing. So, even if the amount has now increased somewhat, in fact it's still much less than before. However, if it is released into the ocean through exhaust water, that's a problem. Once outside, plutonium hardly decreases.

MC: "It takes 24,000 years before it dicreases to half, doen't it?"

That's right. So, in that sense, plutonium is problematic. But then again, there will be no effect on the public. I think you can rest easy.

MC: "Let me summarize. Plutonium won't be absorbed from the skin. If it's ingested through food, it will go out of the body in urine. If it's inhaled, it may increase the risk of lung cancer. But since it's very heavy, we don't need to worry."

Hirotada Ohashi
Professor in System Innovation
University of Tokyo
(at a panel discussion in Saga Pref. on Dec. 25, 2005, regarding using
MOX fuel at Genkai Nuke Plant)

MC: Dr. Ohashi, please.

I'd like to point out two things. What happens in a [nuclear] accident depends entirely on your assumptions. If you assume everything would break and all the materials inside the reactor would be completely released into the environment, then we would get all kinds of result. But it's like discussing "what if a giant meteorite hit?" You are talking about the probability of an unlikely event.

You may think it's a big problem if an accident occurs at the reactor, but the nuclear experts do not think Containment Vessels will break. But the anti-nuclear people will say, "How do you know that?" Hydrogen explosions will not occur and I agree, but their argument is "how do you know that?"

So, right now in the safety review, we're assuming every technically possible situation. For example, such and such parts would break, plutonium would be released like this, then it would be stopped here...something like that. We set the hurdle high and still assume even the higher-level radiation would be released and make calculations.

This may be very difficult for you to understand this process, but we do. To figure out how far contamination might spread, we analyze based on our assumption of what could occur. However, the public interpret it as something that will occur. Or the anti-nuclear people take it in a wrong way and think we make such an assumption because it will happen. We can't have an argument with such people.

Another thing is the toxicity of plutonium. The toxicity of plutonium is very much exaggerated. Experts dealing with health damage by plutonium call this situation "social toxicity." In reality, there's nothing frightening about plutonium. If, in an extreme case, terrorists may take plutonium and throw it into a reservoir, which supplies the tap water. Then, will tens of thousands of people die? No, they won't. Not a single one will likely die. Plutonium is insoluble in water and will be
expelled quickly from the body even if it's ingested with water.

So, what Dr. Koide is saying is if we take plutonium particles one by one, cut open your lungs and bury the plutonium particles deep in the lungs, then that many people will die. A pure fantasy that would never happen.

He's basically saying we can't drive a car, we can't ride a train, because we don't know what will happen.

MC: "Thank you very much."

Pluto-kun (Little Plutonium Boy)
Mascot Character of Power Reactor and Nuclear Fuel Development Corporation (now Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

Let's imagine some bad guys have just thrown me into a reservoir. I'm not only hard to dissolve in water, but also hard to be absorbed from the stomach or intestines, and eventually I will be out of the body. So I can't actually kill people.

But it so often happens that bad guys take a small thing and turn it into a big lie to threaten people.

See, we've been duped. Plutonium is not dangerous! We'd better ask these three to drink it up to prove it's not dangerous. Then we will feel safe, won't we? Please doctors, would you do it for us?


Anonymous said...

OK, a "lethal dose of plutonium 239 is 32 grams" but critics of nuclear radiation say a millionth of a gram can be lethal, wow, that is quite a discrepancy. Given that I never believe one word anyone on Japanese TV says, I will not rush out and ingest 238 grams of plutonium and not worry about it. Everything in Japan relies on pseudo analysis and emotional interpretation instead of logical analysis. These moronic TV shows with the brain dead hosts who stare at the camera like automatons cannot be considered reliable journalists since there are no opposing views or debate whatsever. I'll stick with Chris Busby and and Arnie Gunderson, and Prof. Kodama the only rogue lone wolf at Tokyo University for getting the truth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant I will not ingest 31 grams of PU and not worry, but maybe I already have!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I have to leave one more comment. Having lived in Japan all these years it would be amazing to have the cc English translation at the bottom of the screen of all Japanese TV shows. IF there was one I would probably spend most of my time watching and howling with laughter at the absurd statements that the majority of moronic narcissistics who inhabit the Japanese TV airwaves would have to say. Other than them there are the banal and trivial statements of sheer meaninglessness, the purpose of which is simply to dumb people down and waste their time. I wonder how much absolute rubbish passes as conventional wisdom, it must be frighrenting to comprehend. That said, the US media is worse! Get rid of that Jewish liar Bill Maher for starters! And all of the other Zionist/ Jewish liars that control US media.

Anonymous said...

It may well pass right through the digestive system if you drink it just once. However, I would not breathe it. Cute to say "drink" isn't it? In general heavy metals are toxic and plutonium is a heavy metal, but, due to its long half-life, it isn't very radioactive. Ingesting non-radioactive lead, etc. isn't going to be very good for you.

moonkai said...

you know why they are now talking about Plutonium ... because in a few days they will announce to us that they discovered Plutonium scattered all over the prefecture and beyond ! They know it for a long time !!!!!! MURDERERS !!!

Matthew Standley said...

Yes, Moonkai, that is probable. I live in Aichi, so I am not so close, but that is not important. High levels of radiation have been found across the oceans, so it is fairly logical to believe that even Aichi has a share of the radiation. After all, the next county (prefecture) is Shizuoka, and its tea was declared radioactive, but a very low figure was given. Difficult to judege whether that low figure was added for the sake of downplaying the problem?

Anonymous said...

UNBELIEVABLE !!!!! Lost for words!

Masher1 said...

On the Plutonium released one can easily deduce the radical seriousness of this event. These evil men touting that Plutonium is nothing to worry about will just have to be exposed as the liars they are.

What was the tonnage of fuel blown out of reactor #3???? 5600 tons.... 6% to 8% of that was Plutonium folks and as stuff known to mankind Plutonium is the highest rated toxic substance tested EVER!!.

Once the real news gets out the whole place is going to have to be evacuated by anyone not wanting to participate in the nuclear industry biological contamination experiment in real world conditions. Even if i was totally broke and had no legs and was forced to push myself on a skateboard with my hands i would LEAVE the place behind me. Beg air fare. Jump a container ship whatever i could do to get off the island and make for cleaner places to live.

Beware of evil men Japan! your life is dependent on seeing them clearly... Do you see?... Can you run?

I would if i were you.

Anonymous said...

they found the plutonium in hawai, so you can bet it is all over japan.
And by the way, only nano grams of plutonium will a human in a few days 100% of the time.

Anonymous said...

correction to my post:
.... only nano grams or even less of plutonium will KILL a human in a few days 100% of the time.....

Anonymous said...

Can we watch this hack Jap ingest a "healthy" dose of Plutonium...I want to see him grow 6 new balls that glow in the dark!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

huhuhuh,hihihihi,,, these three stooges i mean, three plutonium elite people are fucking dickhead!!!!! really WTF!!! saying plutonium : simpai arimasen, there`s nothing to worry about plutonium... unbelievable!!!! asked these three dkhd to drink it, show the people that plutonium is safe... each of them with nice silvery glass together with mouthful of beef steak fresh from fukushima, medium rare for sure the best ingredient is cesium!!!!! can`t imagine they are professional from well known universities... OMG! these monsters tells the people that the blue is yellow! don`t worry about plutonium!!!!!i wanna smash these three plutons to death ... why they do these LIES !!!hopeless ,,,, even we the ippan people doesn`t have formal education we all know what is plutonium, how horrible it is ....MURDERERS!!! these three fucking dickhead.. come on,,,, show us that it is safe and nothing to worry!!!! go back to that tv and let the whole country see how the three of you with each glassful of plutonium and drink it ...or three stooges have a nice bath into the melted fuel in reactor enjoy with glassful of plutons SHOW US THAT PLUTONIUM IS SAFE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so funny, it only becomes dangerous when you inhale it.
Have they forgotten that three reactors have been smoking releasing ther contents into the air.
thank god we are fish and we dont need air.

Pif said...

Somebody could transcript this video ? I would like to broadcast this text on my blog !

Anonymous said...

Oh look! It's the 3 monkeys who:
See no harmful radiation
Hear no harmful radiation
Speak no harmful radiation

Anonymous said...

don't anybody tell them they have now became the most famous stupid and cupid persons on earth?

Anonymous said...

Nationwide TV in Japan: Toxicity of plutonium “not very different than salt” — “So safe you can drink it” (VIDEO)

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@Pif, I posted the transcript at the end of the post.

Anonymous said...

The international readers of Rense are reading this post.
These three 'scientists' are SICK and SHAMELESS minions of the Military-Industrial Complex.

Oklahoma, United States, had rainfall, that broke their drought, 2 days ago. There are videos of the radiation in this rainwater, currently posted on 'youtube'.

I am taking their advice, and searching for a plutonium dietary supplement pill to take...


Anonymous said...

Now I feel safe!! Happy Hour in Fukushima, one shot of Plutonium 500 yen.
Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

fucking dickhead!!!!! three stooges!!!! rats and cockroaches these three got no shame professors from the well known universities talking rubbish!!!! wanna smash them!!!! kusottare, ahondara!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps these hacks can lead by example and publicly ingest around 30g of plutonium themselves. It's safe, right?


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