Saturday, August 13, 2011

#Radioactive Manure from Cows That Ate Radioactive Rice Hay

What went in did come out.

First, it was Shimane Prefecture where they found the manure made from cow dungs and urine with radioactive cesium in excess of the hastily decided provisional safety limit for manure and composts (400 becquerels/kg). The level of radioactive cesium ranged from 152 to 1083 becquerels/kg. The cows had eaten radioactive hay from Miyagi Prefecture. (From Asahi Shinbun 9/11/2011, original in Japanese).

Now it is Niigata Prefecture. Unlike Shimane Prefecture who just tested the manure at the JA (Japan's agricultural producer co-op) stations, Niigata also tested the manure made at individual farms (sampling), and even higher amount of radioactive cesium was detected.

According to the Niigata Prefecture announcement on August 13, of the individual farms, only Niigata City and Sado City (on the island of Sado off the coast of Niigata) tested below the detection limit. Even if the manure at the individual farms tested high, the numbers at the the manure manufacturing depots were low, as the radioactive manure was mixed with non-radioactive manure. No radioactive iodine was detected anywhere.

(PDF file of the announcement, page 2, showing the numbers)

In the table above, the individual farms No. 5, 6 and 7 (radioactive cesium 260 to 1,100 becquerels/kg) are located in the same city as the manure depots No. 3 and 4 (ND to 10 becquerels/kg). The individual farms No. 3 and 4 (3,760 and 1,280 becquerels/kg) are located in the same city as the manure depot No. 2 (330 becquerels/kg).

But since the numbers at the manure manufacturing depots are low enough, it will probably be sold to other farms to be used in their fields, thus spreading the low-level contamination all over Niigata. In the eyes of the government and producers, they are "safe" as long as the numbers are below the arbitrary safety limit number that the government picked after the fact. Testing by sampling one or two farms in a city will be enough for them.

Niigata Prefecture has told the 9 farms whose manure exceeded this safety number (400 becquerels/kg) not to move their manure [to the depots], meaning the other farms and the farms whose manure weren't tested will continue to send their manure to the depots or use it on their farms or give it to other farmers.

There's no stopping the radioactive Japan.


netudiant said...

This is actually a tragedy in the making.
The cesium contamination will remain for decades, going from soil to plant to animal and back to soil.
These farmers are ruined, their land is a public health hazard. The farms need to be closed, made into a nature preserve or maybe a timber plantation for growing giant, 500 year old trees. I pray someone in authority in Japan is thinking about the longer term, because the current approach of distribution to dilute is irreversible. When it becomes obvious that it does not work, it will be too late to correct. Clean Japan will be reduced to Hokkaido and Okinawa.

Anonymous said...

Oh No there goes Tokyo... Go Go Godzilla

Sounds like the Japanese Government is as good of looking after their citizens as our US Government is of looking out for our welfare,, Sad day in time for the world.

Bruce Hayden said...

The corporate-owned Japanese politicians are not stupid. They know EXACTLY what they are doing (same as the US does). Evidently most of the Japanese people don't get to be a part of the NWO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this shit can kill...quick raise the illegal numbers as high as it takes to make them legal!

What a bunch of kidders! Boy, they really think everyone is as stupid as them....not!

If you want a simple solution to this particular problem...just shove a cork up the cows ass. If it doesn't come out, it won't be anal-ized!

Roddy6667 said...

At least the manure glows in the dark so you won't step in it in the dark.

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