Sunday, August 21, 2011

#Fukushima II (Not I) Nuke Plant Eyewitness Account on March 11

White smoke seen rising from Fukushima II Nuclear Power Plant in Tomioka-machi after the quake but BEFORE the tsunami.

It was related by people (husband and wife) who were in Kawauchi-mura, west of Tomioka-machi, quoting the unnamed acquaintance of theirs who works at the plant. They said they couldn't name the person as he is higher up in the organization.

The couple was speaking in an event organized by an independent journalist Yasumi Iwakami.


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, not another nuke meltdown kept silent by the media.. where will it all end

Anonymous said...

yamashita in german press :

jp said...

I think what happened at Fuk 2 is a bigger story than it has been in the press. Afterall even when Fuk 1 was built the NRC had said this really isn't a safe design. But Fuk 2 is a PWR on which all new western Nuke plants are based, and therefore what happened there is much more pertinent to future of Nuke build out.

And yet all I have heard is there was an exclusion zone which was lifted, an article about there being tons of contaminated water in the basement and now a witness statement that there was smoke.

I really want to know what happened at Fuk 2.

Anonymous said...

At anon at 5:32
a bit off topic, but an interesting interview with the Spiegel. Doktor Yamashita seems to have carefully tamed his language on this special day. Knowledge of western way of thinking.
I am not able to know realy, but it looks like when he speaks japanese, it's a much harder stuff.

Anonymous said...


There was a typical A Pee hoax ... with blown out concrete pillars. The pictures could not have been Fuk I. The only place they matched in Fuk II.

Only weird pics available; seems top secret.

- Tetsuo Jimbo Yakuza Youtube -video forgery, at 7:24 edited (!?) pics of Fuk II - but why? Collapsed!? www
Ref pic of the edited portion;
- also sound was a Arnie-class Forgery, here original:

- AP had a story 27.05.2011 Fukushima Daini reactor fire
- Fukushima Daini 2-reactor has (Mox; UO2,UO2-Gd2O3)
- 4.4.2011 Yomiuri Shimbun: huge radioactive leak – Fukushima DAINI
- 7Jun Fukushima DAINI reactor hall flood with radioactive water
- 30.03.2011 Fukushima DAINI reactor 1 released steam Wall Street Journal: March 30, 2011, 6:33 a.m. EDT

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 5:32AM, thank you. Several other readers also posted the link. I've translated it and posted on my Japanese blog. One comment from a Japanese reader: "It caused the meltdown of my guts."

The silence on Fuku II is very peculiar. I wonder whatever happened to the water in the basement..

pat said...

Fuk Daini is still shut down.

i am guessing they survived whatever core damage happened.

Anonymous said...

The Onegawa reactors are much closer to the 3/11 epicenter than either Fukushima Daiichi or Daini. The city was totally destroyed by the tsunami, but the reactors are on a hill. The IAEA has not visited Onegawa to inspect the reactors, yet they must have experienced the greatest shaking from the mega-quake.

Joe Neubarth said...

Smoke or Steam? When they scrammed, they could very well have exceeded their maximum pressure and had to vent to atmosphere. That is what the venting system is for.

Joe Neubarth said...

I see people posting about "core damage." There is no indication that there was core damage to any reactor at Fukushima II. Core Damage comes from a loss of cooling. I know of no report of loss of cooling at that facility. Did they go dark when the one electrical transmission tower fell north of Fukushima during the earthquake? Did they then have a delay if the startup of Emergency Diesel Generators? If there was a delay or if they lost the EDG's totally THEN there might be a melt down, BUT I have not heard of this happening.

Viola said...

Plant situation in Fukushima Daini
Here's the GRS-info 03/12/2011
The GRS is the German Society for Facilities- and Reactor-Safety

Transpation for english readers:

A smaller fire in the auxiliary building block 1 was deleted within 2 hours (source: European Clearing House). According to information from the operator Tepco, now as well at the the facility in Fukushima Daini problems occurred during cooling. Masures to relieve the pressure of the containment units 1-4 are being prepared. In blocks 1, 2 and 4, the condensation chamber temperature exceeded 100 ° C. As for block 3, there are no data on this. It is reported that the plant has reached a cold subcritical condition. Waterlevel in the reactor pressure vessels of the four blocks does not fall. Power supply from an external power source in these blocks is available. Contrary to initial indications, it is reported in block 1, that for one control rod the feedback for the complete retraction of this rod was temporarily not available.
In a press release is mentioned that a (presumably) secondary cooling water pump was flooded by sea water and thus was no longer functional. Further information are not available. Evacuation measures in a 10 km radius around the plant were initiated. A pressure relief of the containment is being prepared for all four blocks, according to TEPCO.

Anonymous said...


Our CHERNOBYL IS VITAMIN -TROLL hit again - Onagawa reacors on a hill? LOL. All "3 meters" above sea level...
See yourself Onagawa "HILL":

See More:

Ref: Anonymous said...
The Onegawa reactors are much closer to the 3/11 epicenter than either Fukushima Daiichi or Daini. The city was totally destroyed by the tsunami, but the reactors are on a hill. ...
August 21, 2011 3:20 PM

Anonymous said...


A Pee Man standing on Fukushima Daini roof ... the stacks are NOT aligned as the text implies (Daichii.)

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