Sunday, August 21, 2011

#Radioactive Sludge in Kindergartens in Tokamachi City, Niigata

Tokamachi City in Niigata Prefecture is located 205 kilometers west of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. It's not even under the plume according to Professor Hayakawa's map.

Tokamachi is the green arrow. Fukushima I Nuke Plant is the red tag "D". (Map created at Jukurabe.)

From Yomiuri Shinbun (1:37PM JST 8/22/2011):


Tokamachi City in Niigata Prefecture announced on August 22 the result of the survey of radioactive materials in the soil in nursery schools and kindergartens in the city. 18,900 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was found in the sludge at the bottom of the container that collects rainwater at a public nursery school, and 27,000 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was found in the yard compost pile at a private kindergarten.


If the level of radioactive cesium exceeds 8,000 becquerels/kg up to 100,000 becquerels/kg, it has to be temporarily stored at a controlled processing plant. The city will consult the prefectural government as to how to dispose the sludge and the yard compost.


The samples were taken on August 12, and tested at a testing laboratory in Niigata. At both locations, the air radiation levels at 1 meter above the ground was 0.10 microsievert/hour and 0.14 microsieverts/hour, both of which were within the normal range.


Anonymous said...

Hotspots like these will continue to appear. Disposal by proper burial of these materials will continue to be needed for many years. Continued repeated monitoring will be necessary. I feel deeply for the people of Japan.

moonkai said...

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Anonymous said...

first link "Professor Hayakawa's map" in post is broken (404s)

Anonymous said...

"Professor Hayakawa's map" Here

Ono said...

It's very very strange that the radiation level around Niigata is very high.

The key is the ratio of Cs134/ Cs137.
We can know when this radioactive material came from Nuclear Core. From fukushima, it must be almost 1:1.

I doubted this radiation material from Kashiwazaki Nuclear plant affected by the earthquake occured in 2004.

I heard that near the nuclear power plants it is not so strange to see deformed flowers.

TEPCO has Fukushima I, II and Kashiwazaki nuclear power plants. So there are many people who goes to Fukushima and Niigata frequently.

I will ask the key ratio to Niigata prefecture.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible there have been more nuclear accidents in the past which were not reported? Is this why the Japanese authorities did NOT want to test for radiation? It begs the question---

Anonymous said...

is it possible? jepp, definitely.

has it happend? who knows...

Ono said...

Please read.

There was earthquake near kashiwazaki Nuclear Plant on 16 July 2007.

All the plants shutdown automatically, but there was some radioactive material released.

Of course IAEA says, "No Problem"

TEPCO says,
The Amount of realased radioactive is almost
4x10E8 Bq.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous - "proper disposal by burial," wishful thinking, Anonymous. Per Gunderson, the Japanese government is authorizing burning of all waste with readings less than 8000 bq/l (with blending allowed (with larger clean samples to reduce the ratio to allowable levels). This, of course, is only "sharing the love," with friends and family the world over. Perhaps that is how Tokamachi (outside the Fukushima plume) received this level of radiation in the first place. Thank you Japanese government.

Ono said...

I asked to Niigata Pref.

The data is following

Cs134 41,000 Cs137 49,000

It's absolutely from Fukushima.

Sorry for wrong information.

horrified said...

This plus the fact there is over 10,000 tons of radioactive sludge in water treatment plants in Niigata makes me think this is the result of illegal dumping.
I'm guessing Fukushima topsoil is getting dumped in the mountains and is washing down in the river.

As for these kindergartens, it would be likely a local is washing his truck close by. A truck that is used to enter the Daiichi plant or for hauling contaminated topsoil and/or other radioactive debris in Fukushima.

Unknown said...

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