Saturday, August 27, 2011

Radionuclides Released into the Air from Fukushima I Nuke Plant, by NISA

as announced by Japan's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) on June 6, 2011 (on page 13 of the PDF file). Click on the image below to view it in a separate window:

What's interesting about the numbers in the chart is:

1. Radioactive strontium came more from Reactor 2 and Reactor 3, 1 to 2-digit higher.

2. More plutonium came out from Reactor 2, 2-digit higher, not from Reactor 3 with MOX-fuel.

Strontium-89 (in becquerels)
Reactor 1: 8.2 x 10^13 (or 82 terabecquerels)
Reactor 2: 6.8 x 10^14 (or 680 terabecquerels)
Reactor 3: 1.2 x 10 ^15 (or 1,200 terabequerels)
Total: 2.0 x 10^15 (or 2,000 terabequerels)

Strontium-90 (in becquerels)
Reractor 1: 6.1 x 10^12 (or 6.1 terabecquerels)
Reactor 2: 4.8 x 10^13 (or 48 terabecquerels)
Reactor 3: 8.5 x 10^13 (or 85 terabecquerels)
Total: 1.4 x 10^14 (or 140 terabecquerels)

Plutonium-241 (in becquerels)
Reactor 1: 3.5 x 10^10 (or 35 billion becquerels)
Reactor 2: 1.2 x 10^12 (or 1.2 terabequerel)
Reactor 3: 1.6 x 10^10 (or 16 billion becquerels)
Total: 1.2 x 10^12 (or 1.2 terabequerel)

Neptunium-239, which decays to plutonium-239, was estimated at 7.6 x 10^13 becquerels, or 76 terabequerels, adding to 3.2 x 10^9 becquerels of plutonium-239 that came out. Again, most neptunium-239 came out of Reactor 2, whose reactor building is more or less intact and whose Suppression Chamber is said to have been damaged on March 15 morning.

In the PDF file linked above, NISA estimated 770,000 to 850,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials have been released into the atmosphere from Fukushima I Nuke Plant (although they are now trying to lower that number), and additional 720,000 terabecquerels of radioactive materials are in the contaminated water at the plant.

(Thank you "Kyotoresident" for reminding me to put this up, which I did for my Japanese blog long time ago and forgot to do for this blog.)


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, 1.2 trillion becquerals of plutonium went up a mile into the air, most of it came back down but lots of it blew all over the place. There is no immediate danger you are safe go back to sleep. I hope the new pro nuke PM of Japan will volunteer to experiment with plutonium rice by eating it for breakfast, so we can find out how much it takes to kill a politician.

Anonymous said...

Actually I have to correct myself, since the majority of the Pu came from reactor 2 which if I recall correctly did not blow sky high as did #1 and #3. It just sort of melted down like a cheese omelette, is that not right? Good news otherwise all that Pu would have really caused some mischief. Thanks

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

This is what is supposed to have been released in the air. From Reactor 2. Something does not add up. Reactor 2's suppression chamber blew.

Stock said...

Can you explain what the column labels are?

rtega said...

I really wonder how we are supposed to believe this. The chernobyl disaster blew an estimated 5200 PBq in the air. Here we have four reactors + fuel storage blowing stuff in the air and somehow only 1.2 TBq got released. That's 4 million times less. I don't buy that.

Anonymous said...

Indeed we are being sold big lies and sadly most people buy it... this Fukushima fiasco will make Chernobyl look like a picnic as time unfolds and more uncomfortable truths come out

Antony said...

The column labels left to right are:

Nuclide > Half-life > Unit 1 > Unit 2 > Unit 3 > Total

Agree with what has been said above. Is this a big lie that has to be believed because it's so outrageous? That strategy is beginning to wear a bit thin these days, even if the Japanese are 25 years behind everyone else. IMHO, for unit 2 to have released more Pu-xxx than units 1 and 3 (and 4), then when the core melted it must have got so hot that the Pu-xxx and other materials vapourized and escaped out of the reactor core/containment with the steam, etc. This assumes that the reactor vessel (and containment) were severely breached (melted???) and yet there was no explosion? I find this hard to believe when compared with what we know about units 1 and 3.

Anonymous said...

"Radionuclides Released into the Air from Fukushima I Nuke Plant, by NISA"

--> surely theres a time frame for the table - as this release continues to the fuku future?

Biggest hoax here is that the "accident is over", stacks miraculously keep venting only filtered air into upper atmosphere.

Kyotoresident said...

I'm relieved to hear the numbers are relatively small. To those without knowledge of the scale of these variables they look enormous.
Having said that, i think most people have no idea that other dangerous radioactive elements such as plutonium are involved to this degree. The media in the last few months is only mentioning cesium. Probably because any mention of plutonium is likely to cause panic.

Anonymous said...

"I'm relieved to hear the numbers are relatively small."
LOL. Nice to hear - the offcial nice lies.

Hören sie, hear you and be relieved, gehen sie in der Dusche sagen der offizier - step into the papal shower. Dear Troll, Be relieved: One breathed micro gram plutoniumium is lethal (how soon, depends).


When NRC says ALL, what does that ALL mean?:

All Nuke plants reactors contained mox already in 2004: 5 1 2 th A C R S Meeting May 5-8, 2004; 'The Big Picture' ...Mr. Nesbit summarized his presentation with the observation that all nuclear power reactors are already using Plutonium (mox) fuel. (Excerpt from NRC archives.)

Anonymous said...

"...stacks miraculously keep venting only filtered air into upper atmosphere."

WTF with the stacks again? Since when do runaway blobs of Corium at Fuku still vent through stacks?? Melty SFPs vent through stacks?? Blown up reactors and reactor buildings vent through stacks??? Suppression chambers are still working?? If you think so you are a stupid idiot.

Anonymous said...


Sadly. Repeat after me: Any stack has always constant vacuum.

Surprise? Sucks in, pushes out ... physics defined. Still multiple open at 10 sievert fukuenvironment. Here the multiple 140m / 3m diameter stacks create keep on huge vac, always. Satellite photos show tubes left intentionally open...

Facts never hlp idiot crying nukeTROLL: true I am an idiot - alas that wont change basic physics -

LOL. Typically your ilk always has to add papal pill offerings, mushrooms, asylum etc: why theyre now missing ? Mind you, monthly $ht-allowance becomes endangered on such absent mindedness...

Facty stacky linkys for the readers (a nono for trolls) can be seen here


Anonymous said... = CRAAP!!!

It is a Stacky of CRAPPY! I didn't know Trolls could stack CRAAP that High.

Anonymous said...

dear poor crap; again forgot facts ?

Now. Pills first. Then, Repeat after me: Any stack has always constant vacuum.

At bottom of 140m stack you have to guard clothes wont be ripped off ...

Unlike our forumcrap poo, Every bit of info comes With Reference Links :

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11:00 am

I'm sorry, but your head is a constant vacuum and your mocumentary site is a stack of ignorant CRAAP. As for your "reference links" you might as well cite facts from a local phone book for all the relevance it has to the willfully uninformed delusions espoused on the site you keep spamming us with.

Anonymous said...

"Biggest hoax here is that the "accident is over", stacks miraculously keep venting only filtered air into upper atmosphere."

2 points for your potentially addled brain,
No one here believes the accident is anywhere near over, therefore to come here and claim everyone is buying into the desire of the nuke industry for us to believe the accident is over is serving the nuke industry's purpose. Just so you know, when you offer your "Facty stacky linkys" you tell us you're either trolling or addled. Now claim we're serving the Jesuits, and we'll get the message.
Second point, the normal systems for these reactors are so disrupted no one here believes they are intact, so claiming everyone here believes they are of any consequence is really you yourself telling us about the addled condition of .. yourself. Now harp about the stacks and then .. mention HAARP, for good measure.

We get your point, bud. The acid trip was one too many?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:18

God you're really a moron, what a feeble attempt at a lame strawman argument. Where in the hell did you get the "biggest hoax" quote? Nobody has said the disaster is over Mr. Asshat so stop trying to make up an argument you can win. You couldn't think your way out of a wet paper sack and your "Stinky Links" are CRAAP.

People would need to take LSD to understand the disjointed gibberish you spout.

Anonymous said...


You may eat your shoe, then, as you go to Anon 1:09.

Asshat, indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Sadly. Repeat after me: Any stack has always constant vacuum."

Even if this is true and there is a constant vacuum, you need the stacks to be in order, oh, say, like, the pipes not be severed or blasted away, for them to pump out emissions. If they are no longer connected to the emission source how could they emit anything except the air around the plant. This is such a simple concept to understand. Actually, if the stacks worked it would be a lot better as there are heavy duty RADfilters the emissions would have to go through at least.
H-E-L-L-O, corium blobs that are still cooking in the centre and have either oozed out of secondary containment or blown out of secondary containment don't use stacks anymore. How could they? It's infinitely worse as the blobs just emit radiation left right and centre without filtration!!!! You really are a nincompoop of the first order. You don't even seem to get the clear gist of this blog and its comments. If you did then you would realize that we are saying the same thing you are except not as dumbass.

Anonymous said...

"You may eat your shoe, then, as you go to Anon 1:09."

For fuck's sake, here we go again. The released radionuclides don't have to come from a stack!!!!! It would be better if they had come from a working stack because a working stack has a RADfilter, at least, which would have cut some emissions, however small. Stacks need some power and intact piping in order to work. What we actually have at Fuku are blown up buildings with open radioactive bathwater pits topping escaped cooking corium gone to who the hell knows at this point. The emissions are from anywhere and everywhere. That's why it is so horrific. Do you get it now? Because if you don't I will have to change my dumbass classification of you to retarded.

Anonymous said...


That's his whole message, takes this form, "See how exotic these concepts are, see how I use them to generate static in you. And my graphics on my site, aren't they eye-catching? And don't forget, I'm retarded."

the voice in your head said...

Anonymous said...

Sadly. Repeat after me: Any stack has always constant vacuum.

Surprise? Sucks in, pushes out ... physics defined. Still multiple open at 10 sievert fukuenvironment. Here the multiple 140m / 3m diameter stacks create keep on huge vac, always. Satellite photos show tubes left intentionally open...

For what it's worth...

1) Multiple stacks still open and spewing exactly 10 Sv/h?

Verdict: very retarded. I would think runaway corium could do much better than that if it were by some extreme miracle venting through a stack. Anyway, the guy who went up the stack with a Geiger counter to get a reading off the radioactive steam must have keeled over right away and fallen off. That's how they know it is 10 Sv/h coming out up there. Okay well suffice to say that's not how and what you measure coming out of a stack.

2) Stacks have been kept purposefully open?

Verdict: borderline retarded. And what would be the point of wasting time "closing" the stacks of blown up reactor buildings/reactors if they don't work anyway. At 10 Sv/h they will have to use a robot to cork the thing.

the voice in your head said...

"At bottom of 140m stack you have to guard clothes wont be ripped off ...

AUGUST 28, 2011 11:00 AM"

Have you seen the Japanese news video of a worker in a HazMat suit holding a Geiger counter at the end of a 3 meter extension stick measuring the supposed 10 Sv/h hot spot at base of a big exterior duct coming from secondary containment and going into the stack? How come his HazMat suit was not ripped off? He's practically right next to the stack. 'Cuz the stack isn't working, that's why.

Although one has to really wonder how a HazMat suit is adequate protection from the 4 Sv/h the worker holding the Geiger counter is supposedly getting zapped with. That will give you some bad symptoms in need of medical attention. Was the picture staged at another stack? Regardless, his clothes were not ripped off by air suction, staged or not staged.

Antony said...

I want to open the discussion on this again, because if you add the releases in the 3rd column it comes to more than the 770,000 TBq or 850,000 TBq + 720,000 TBq for water AND comes to more than the total releases from Chernobyl. Also, how can I send an XL file to the blog?? Will wait for your reply here.

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