Thursday, August 11, 2011

NHK Special: Mapping the Radioactive Fallout

It looks like the NHK Special on the grassroots effort in Japan to map the radioactive fallout after Fukushima has been translated by NHK World into English. Get it while you can, until NHK takes it down..


Anonymous said...

Kudos to this team trying to get the word out on radiation dangers. People are getting radiated, see:

Over 200,000 BQ/kg of cesium internal radiation--this is severe. The person has not been to the nuclear disaster area. This is so sad. Also, the people with severe internal radiation CAN contaminate other people, or areas. They are little radiation transmitters.

Anonymous said...

whew! I can identify with the families who did not want to leave their animals, if they could not get them out, despite the risk to their own survival. That was the EXACT same problem during the hurricane Katrina disaster in the USA!! Many citizens would not leave, despite having no shelter, food, or water for weeks, without their pet dog! And many violated evacuation and curfew orders to protect a pet or livestock.

Fortunately, many non-profits, universities, and volunteers stepped in to rescue pets...I know a veterinary medical professor who worked 24/7 to treat thousands of pets and a student who lost everything during the flooding, including his beloved cat...He was in shock.

It's interesting that the human problems are identical to what happened so far away in Louisiana, USA!...

It also seems like the Japanese were caught so unaware! Of course, Fukushima is far worse than Chernobyl and Katrina. The Japanese have had a hard time responding quickly to the intense reality of this crisis.

Thank you for the coverage!! Everyone I know in the U.S. has been worried for these citizens! We all must stick together.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I helped the nice young man from New Orleans who lost all he had get a job in a new city. He is fine now. :)
You must look out for each other!!

Anonymous said...

"Of course, Fukushima is far worse than Chernobyl .."

The way it is worse, of course, is their insistence on selling the irradiated food.

Dumping of the highly radioactive water in the ocean was an out-of-this-world moment.

These tsunamis are in many ways worse than tornados.

Anonymous said...

why don't these fuckers take there dog and cats. i wish them all that's bad!

Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot American, but several things stand right out about this mess.

One, the Russians, They acted like it was a major catastrophe, they mobilized an army and went to war and took losses. I honor those men, women for their sacrifice and leadership that made that call.

Two, from what I can see corporate democracy is acting like this is just a problem, give us a few months and everything will be shipshape and tidy. They even use words like cold shut down like they are still in control of the nuclear material.

Yet from a layman's point of view it looks like a far larger nuclear accident than Chernobyl. I never heard or read about spent fuel pools being part of the problem at Chernobyl, so in this case we have three melted down reactors and spent fuel pools as well. Yet the response is akin to "clean up isle 12" at a grocery store.

Three, the Japanese people are screwed, with Russia being large enough they took the loss of land and infrastructure. Why, simply put the cost and then disposing of all the contaminated material would have been to expensive and leads to the what do you do with it problem. As seen already in a Japanese city that scraped top soil up into a big pile of radioactive dirt.

Japan is made up of a bunch of islands, they don't have land to spare. So to keep the country they will have to scrap off the top of it and then what?

What to do with mega tons of radioactive dirt and stuff when you still have three melted reactors spent fuel pools and a plan using terminology that implies they are actually in control of the nuclear material and a time line measured in a year or so just to get them corked.

In this case I think the Japanese could learn from history and go at it like the Russians. It will have two benefits, it will reduce the cost and time to clean up the whole country, it will reduce the amount of material they will have to figure out how to dispose of.

Anonymous said...

Extraordinary. When will the Sheeple of Japan organize and demand unelected bureaucrats make decisions in the interests of the people of Japan? Dump the radiated dirt in front of the homes of the decision makers and see if that gets their attention....

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the Japanese need to bury the whole site at Daiichi under a big mountain of sand without delay. Hot fuel rods vitrify sand and that separates the material enough to stop fission like it did at Chernobyl in the elephants' feet corium in the basement of the sarcophagus. Japanese engineers with a sand conveyor belt dumping it on rapidly, Japan could have this mess under sand in a week buried nice and deep, and then the authorities could put a nice styling concrete cap over it like in the Marshall Islands where they capped a whole radioactive island. What in hell are they waiting for? How much must Japan suffer before they act to cover this site entirely?
It rained out radiation that was ten times background level in Oklahoma City last the radiation spewing out of Daiichi is causing an ongoing and global permanent terrain contamination. The military strategy of permanent terrain contamination was developed by the psychopaths working in secret on the Manhattan Project who presented their original satanic idea in the Groves Memo of 1943, declassified in the seventies. The GE reactors were also specially designed to do the most damage, designed under the 666 Sigma Protocols similar to the GE "Avenger" cannon that fires the DU nuclear waste on the Day of Purim. So it is apparent there is a nuclear radiation depopulation agenda in store for the mostly goy world numbers as foretold by John Gofman in his book. As an insider in the technocracy, he knew.
Japan is being made a human sacrifice of by allowing the site to remain open to contaminate the widest possible area of Honshu, potentially the entire island if they can keep it open like this for decades or possibly forever. Of course, covering it over immediately would stop all the damaging releases but that would violate the strict Protocol and make TEPCO look like idiots.
It looks like they have decided to exterminate the Japanese and quite a few in North America by letting the site continue to give off all that radioactive steam and gamma rays, keeping it open as long as possible. At least with the satanic US military using HAARP to set off the GE reactors down to their melted phase, Japan can say they have taken just about everything the US military could throw at her since Perry and then Hiroshima and now this incredible aurora borealis crap on toppa a multi reactor meltdown. I hope you guys make least try to save what you still have left uncontaminated on your islands before it is too late! If there is any way you can, please think of a solution, you know, just in time, or is it too late for you to act to save yourselves?
Too bad the satanists at the top do not realize their lineages too will die from this, they are doing a slow painful radiation sickness kill of the planet and they will surely go down too if we cattle do from their depopulation agenda.
Will humanity wake up in time?

Anonymous said...

I also suspect the agenda of depopulation going on. Everything that happens in Japan is being studied in the events that will happen in other parts of the world. How long can people 'function' in a long dose of medium to low level radiation? How long can they work?; How long will they live if they eat low level radiated food, water, air? The answer to these questions will help modify life in other parts of the world. We live in an outside gas chamber with psychopaths in charge, for the moment. Think how close the nearest Nuke plant is from your home. Our government could very well be more effective in 'the depopulation agenda'. Perhaps it is time to prepare for a nuclear calamity.

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