Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Armenian Public Radio: Metsamor Nuke Plant Can Withstand M10 Earthquake

The Turkey earthquake, which registered M3 at the plant in Armenia, is nothing, according to the Public Radio of Armenia. However, There's a rumor that radioactive materials have leaked in the surrounding area. (Actually, it is reported by the Iranian state Japanese radio broadcast on October 25, quoting the Turkish newspaper Zaman which supposedly quotes the Turkish government source.)

Armenia's Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant is often called "the most dangerous nuke plant in the world", as it is one of the few nuke plants in the world without primary containment structures, and is in the earthquake-prone region without ready access to water as reactor coolant in case of plant damage by the earthquake.

From Public Radio of Armenia (10/24/2011):

The earthquake in Turkey has not caused and could not have caused any harm to the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant (ANPP), since it is designed to resist an earthquake measuring 9-10 on the Richter scale, the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations said in a statement.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located about 160 km away from the ANPP, the quake measured 3-5 on the territory of Armenia.

It did not cause any damage to any settlement or building on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry said.

ANPP Director General Gagik Markosyan says the quake measured 2-3 at the plant, adding that the ANPP had been stopped for planned reconstruction works from September 11.


Anonymous said...

lol..no containment, not like it did any good in Japan...

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the last time a structural engineer inspected that site for damage

Anonymous said...

I thought these Armenian Radio jokes died with the USSR ;-)

Anonymous said...

"I wonder when the last time a structural engineer inspected that site for damage."

Probably the last time the International Nuclear Fools Club decided in their ad hoc manner it was time to issue another bullshit proclamation designed to irk the 'weenies'.

jmdesp said...

That's indeed a joke, a M10 earthquake can destroy almost anything, and it's so obvious builders that didn't take the basic step of including a containment in the construction didn't make a building that can resist that. Already a M7 in the immediate vicinity probably would be too much for it, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

One of the most dangerous NPP in the world:

and 158 workers resigned in September:
"Reports in Armenian media in late September said the re-launch of the plant was under threat after 158 workers submitted resignation applications demanding an increase in their wages. The plant is scheduled to resume operating on October 27 upon completion of a regular repair."

Anonymous said...

Great post. There were actually somewhere else stating the nuclear disaster such as https://www.rt.com/news/339763-disaster-nuclear-earthquake-japan/. Another story stated that Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaking Dangerous Wastewater Into Biscayne Bay. Earthquake blog.

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