Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Is What Passes as "Decontamination" in Fukushima (for That Matter, in Japan)

Date City in Fukushima Prefecture, 60 kilometers northwest of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant and with high radiation areas and spots all over the city, has started the city-wide "decontamination" effort on October 26, according to Fukushima Minyu newspaper (10/27/2011). According to the article,


In today's decontamination work, the cleaning contractor hired by the city removed the sludge in the rain gutter at a residence, and washed the frontage of the house with a power washer.

That's called "decontamination" in Japan, instead of "yard cleaning".

So I looked for any video footage of "decontamination" in Date City. I didn't find the latest effort, but I did find the ones from this summer, when the city carried out decontamination with the help of volunteers and the advice from Dr. Shunichi Tanaka, former acting commissioner of the Japan Atomic Energy Commission (under the Cabinet Office) and current decontamination advisor to Date City.

Much touted (by the Minister of the Environment Goshi Hosono) new Japanese decontamination technology amounts to hand-scraping the soil by volunteers with hardly any protection.

First, the video at Co-op Fukushima of the decontamination effort in July in the very same district in Date City:

The Co-op page says "We're looking for more decontamination volunteers."

Also from July, in a different district of Date City:

Date City is where a researcher claims to have found a large amount of neptunium-239 of Fukushima I Nuke Plant origin. In nearby Fukushima City, Greenpeace researchers found cobalt-60 in soil in a park.

They don't look too worried in the videos.

(Oh I forgot. The Oxford professor has said max 100 millisieverts per month radiation is safe...)


Anonymous said...

I know people kept saying Fuku is no Chernobyl...

I mean if you are not wearing any protective gear, you might as well not decontaminate.

I realize these may be old people and they feel that they can save the next generation). But change is required up the top.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to blog about what is happening in Japan. These videos are horrifying. Not simply because the people doing the so called "decontamination" wear absolutely no protection but because their actions are spreading contamination not making things better. Clearly, areas contaminated by radiation should be completely blocked off. I ache to think of what will become of the people of Japan.

Anonymous said...

One thing we have to remember is this is their home. It's not so easy for them to give that up, and the older generations of Japanese have very strong ties to their communities. If TEPCO had to compensate everyone completely for the damage they've done, the company would have been bankrupt long ago. Why they're allowed to stay in business is a mystery to me. They've laid waste to so many livlihoods, professions and properties in the region that they could never fully compensate everyone for what was lost. And the sad part about this decontamination is that radiation is still coming out and continuing to pollute the areas they've already cleaned. I feel very bad when I think about what's happening to the people in Japan. Obviously ignorance about the dangers of radiation is widespread.

Anonymous said...

It seems almost nobody in Japan actually comprehends what it means to have a radioactively contaminated wasteland. Perhaps they think it's some kind of demon sprite that can be warded off and placted with flames and water. They're doomed. Japan is toast. It will take generations for that to become undeniably clear.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

@anon at 11:40pm, If they don't see it, it doesn't exist. If they don't talk about it, it doesn't exist. Western half of Japan is less contaminated than certain parts of the US west coast if the French simulation is right, but the governor of Osaka is about to say yes to radioactive debris despite the heavy opposition from the residents.

Anonymous said...

It's the food and water contamination that will eventually do them all in. Japan is too small to to absorb this when it comes to food and water.

Bekrl said...

De-contamination efforts are futile.

Radiation pukes out of the broken facilities at daiichi, and into the sky.

Everyday, the top 10cm of the ocean surface evaporates into the sky, forming clouds and the falls as rain.

The burning of radioactive garbage in Japan is also a source of radiation that you can measure in rain, anywhere that the wind blows from these sources, and then is combined with precipitation.

You'll only ever know radiation is falling, if you have a Geiger counter, and if you now how to use it to detect radiation in rain.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese people NEED to evacuate Japan.

Anonymous said...

This is not a reactor meltdown, it is a cookoff
of weapons grade metal used to make atomic bombs. This part of a secret atomic bomb project which explains the behavior of the japanest government.

Ken D. Webber said...

What good does it do to remove the topsoil if the reactor itself is still spewing into the atmosphere? You CANNOT decontaminate anything until the reactors are completely shut down. That's not going to be possible for how many more months? And then there's the heavier elements like plutonium 239 that are already in the FOOD CHAIN because those idiots dumped it into the ocean. And no one is checking anything! That means someone could sell a radiation bloated cow to a meat supplier and it ends up on YOUR burger here in the United States when you zip through that fast food line.

Anonymous said...

Excelllllennnt..........Amusing. . . ..Carbon based life forms on the Nippon main land will be a thing of the past.. .. soon enough. ...

It will be replaced with silicon based life forms.. ...they will not be affected ..

Those that Lord And govern your WORLD.... Have BIG PLANS.....for your future......[or not]....word for word.........A fortiori..322

Anonymous said...

How do you know who lords and governs the world? How do you know their big plans? Your tin foil hat picked up their radio communications? Genius, just genius.

The Japanese will survive, albeit at great price.

rc said...

They could have stopped the meltdown by using liquid nitorgen to cool the water in the core, but they didn't want to. They were informed and they chose to let it get out of hand. Everything that is happening is intentional.

The rulers are culling the population. They don't need us.

Ivan said...

Intentional??? Where do you get information from? They try liquid nitrogen at Chernobyl, it's futile, just boiling away. You have to pump in loads but it's not readily available as...wait for it...wait for it.....WATER. Also, liquid nitrogen has substantial expansion rate, it's dangerous. Core temperature would go from very hot to about -300F in almost instant. I wonder what would be result in if you inject it into primary containment that is already fucked.

Ivan said...

To be more clear:

Using nitrogen to displace hydrogen, yes. Liquid nitrogen for any type of cooling, no.

Aigars Mahinovs said...

Radioactive Cs137 is what is most important to be removed, because it can be absorbed into plants which then are eaten by animals which then concentrate it and pass to humans. The amount of Cs137 on one square meter of even 'highly contaminated' ground is miniscule - you can safely spend your whole life sitting on that spot with no ill effects. BUT if plants and animals are allowed to concentrate that, the local spikes could become harmful.
That is why workers have no need for any protection while they remove the first few centimeters of topsoil where the majority of recent Cs137 would still be.
There are far more potent radiation sources around: radium luminescent paint, smoke detectors, Hiroshima and Nagasaki fallout, ... It's just that people panic more about Fukushima without any real reason to.
Not a single person has died from Fukushima. Tens of thousands died from cunami.

Anonymous said...

"Not a single person has died from Fukushima."

Fuck you. You know what has died from Fukushima? The nuclear industry. :-))))))

Anonymous said...

"There are far more potent radiation sources around: radium luminescent paint, smoke detectors,"

Yes, those things are far more potent than three blown up nuclear reactors with loss of fuel geometry and breach of primary containment plus open- to-the-elements spent fuel pools, you stupid fucktard nuke shill.

Anonymous said...

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