Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TEPCO's Compensation for Bamboo Shoot Farmer in Ibaraki Prefecture: 333 Yen

for the damage from "baseless rumor" that the bamboo shoots from his farm may be contaminated with radioactive materials from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident.

The information is from a radio talk show in Japan on October 26, and it is all over Twitter in Japan today. The radio show comment is captured here. (Link in Japanese)

333 yen is about US$4.37, or 3.15 euro, or 2.73 pound sterling. 135 Thai Baht, 27.87 Chinese yuan, or 2.76 IMF Special Drawing Rights. It is enough to buy Big Mac (320 yen).


Anonymous said...

Fukushima: Dancing With the Devil In North America
Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Anonymous said...

tepco management should be hung, drawn, quartered, tarred, feathered, skewered, castrated, garrotted and made to sit in the corner for a very, very, long time.

Anonymous said...

Question is, was his farm contaminated?

There were a lot of claims by these prefectures / agriculture association regarding the "baseless rumors". The government haven't got around to bamboo shoots and I am guessing bamboo is a "minority" compared to rice, spinach and mushrooms.

Anonymous said...

the Japanese legal system is totally rotten.
It should not allow this from TEPCO or the government. Farmers should be fully compensated from this National State Level crisis.

Isn't there any politician in Japan who is honestly promising reforms? Will the Japanese continue to vote for this same fully corrupted two parties? Aren't Japanese ashamed of their governements? Germany 1939. Germans learned and are more intelligent than English and French in Europe today. But Japanese have not learned anything. In this case, it is better that they do this damaged on to themselfs. This is such a primitive culture like arboriginal or tribal way of doing. Keep silent, this is the only way evil, corruption and this primitive cultural trait behind it will florish. I do feel a lot of pity for the poor ignorant Japanese people. Their politicians have no mercy whatsoever.

Greyhawk said...

When did money become sacred? It seems that people all over the world worship money and those who have a lot of it. I have read the teachings of Krishna, Christ, the Buddha, Mohammed and the spiritual teachings of Native Americans and Celts. I have not found any teachings that say money is to be worshiped.

Steve From Virginia said...

Where is Zatoichi, to right wrongs and redress evil?

TEPCO would send out its yakuza minions and Zatoichi would wipe them all out. The TEPCO executives would tremble with fear as blind Zatoichi draws near.

Right now the TEPCO bosses and the Japanese government act like the evil daimyo they are. The beaten down Japanese citizens have nowhere to turn.

Is there no one in Japan ... who will stand up?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:59 said...
>> Question is, was his farm contaminated? <<

The argument is that ANY farmer in Ibaraki can/did suffer damages because there are many consumers (myself included) who now won't touch Ibaraki produce with a 10-foot-pole.

Whether his farm was or wasn't contaminated, I as the consumer have no idea, so I'm staying away. So I'm absolutely certain that he did suffer actual damages from the Fukushima accident.

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