Thursday, November 10, 2011

#Radioactive Debris: Mayors in Shizuoka Prefecture Welcome With Open Arms

Money speaks.

Like governor (the one who went crazy over radioactive tea in his prefecture and who was so ready to restart Hamaoka Nuke Plant in late March), like mayors. Sorry residents.

From Asahi Shinbun (11/11/2011):


The Association of City Mayors in Shizuoka Prefecture (Chairman Hisashi Suzuki, Mayor of Fuji City) and the Association of Town/Village Mayors (Chairman Hideo Endo, Mayor of Nagaizumi-cho) compiled the joint declaration on November 10 to accept debris from the disaster-affected areas. According to the Japan Association of City Mayors, "The declaration by the Association of City Mayors anywhere to accept disaster debris is unheard of."


Heita Kawakatsu, governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, requested the mayors to come up with some plan, as the governor felt the problem as his own. 35 mayors got together to discuss, and came up with the declaration to cooperate depending on the situation in each city/town/village after ensuring 1) the debris is safe; 2) the residents agree; 3) city assemblies agree.

Looking at Tokyo, (1) can be rigged, (2) and (3) can be easily ignored. They are burning away those debris and burying them in the landfill in Tokyo Bay, every single day.


kintaman said...

Can someone please tell me why is nothing being done by the people to STOP this? Are the people simply saying "shouganai" and giving up? The entire country will be destroyed by this. All of Japan. This is really the end. I am still in shock 8 months later and cannot believe what is happening. Truly beyond horror. I am ashamed of my country and how beyond stupid it is. Japan and all Japanese should be embarrassed to the world and entire human race. We are not the smart people we portray as. We are prideful, stupid fools with no will to fight back.

no6ody said...

Why must the incineration happen anywhere near people? I thought there was a 20 km 'exclusion' zone where all this debris could be stored for many many years with no further inconvenience. Why can't the radioactive ash could be used to make a sarcophagus for the ex-reactors rather than using it for other purposes in populated areas? Perhaps the gov't there, like the gov't here, hates and fears the people. We are all Japanese now.

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

radioactive particles 5Iodine-131) found in europe, Czech republic ?

Supposedly not from Fukushima.

What else is happening where ?

Mauibrad said...

When they burn this shit, that puts the radioactive particles into the atmosphere to spread across the Northern Hemisphere again. This incineration fiasco is not just a Japanese scandal in the making.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they're gonna start testing the food from southwestern Japan for radiation. Hopefully some people there will have Geiger counters and can pick up any changes in the radiation levels.

Darth3/11 said...

How many big envelopes of cash did it take from TEPCO and/or Jpns government slime to "convince" the Shizuoka governor and mayors? Are they crazy? Shizuoka is a tremendous food growing area, but with radioactive debris people will avoid that food just as they now avoid food from Fukushima. Already, I won't buy green from Shizuoka.

And I support "no6ody"'s idea.

Viola said...

May I remind you of ?
It's all about money - we knew this before...

Anonymous said...

Photos of the debris cleanup progress in Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima

Jenny-Texas said...

It should be noted by now, the power-elites behind the nuclear energy industry have only the following goals in mind:
~Money...and lots of any cost to humanity
~The fact that it is a risk to human life is a PLUS to them. These evil-elites are eugenicists who feel humanity is a plague on the earth. Yet, they are somehow "different" and set apart from the rest of the human race. Right!
~The plan is to put as many of these plants on fault-lines and coast-lines as possible to insure failure takes place. This year ALONE, we've seen 3 Fukushimas from similar plants...and they want all 400 to become failed Fukushimas! The Japanese people need not feel this is their doing, as Kintaman has suggested. In fact, we are living with proof that these few individuals are on a mission to create havoc for people around the globe and there is little we can do to stop them...except, FIGHT BACK! This is what we must do!

Unknown said...

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