Friday, November 11, 2011

Radioactive Iodine Detected in Wide Areas of Europe Since Mid October

IAEA's press release mentions only Czech Republic and other areas in Europe.

According to NHK News (11/12/2011), CTBTO says Russia, Sweden, and Austria.

NHK adds Hungary and Germany.

IAEA says it is probably not from a nuclear power plant accident, and it is not from Fukushima, and it doesn't affect health because the amount is minute.

If CTBTO stations have been catching it, iodine-131 is airborne; you can't say someone treated for thyroid illness is peeing.

NHK News speculates the origin of this artificial iodine as follows:


Radioactive iodine-131 does not exist in nature. It is caused by nuclear fission of materials like uranium. When a serious accident happens in a nuclear facility, iodine-131 may be released into the environment. In the Chernobyl nuclear plant accident that took place in the former Soviet Union, a large amount of iodine-131 was released, causing grave health damage to the residents who were exposed to the nuclide. Iodine-131 was released in the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident. Iodine-131 is also used in the medical purposes like diagnosis and treatment. Hospitals, laboratories and corporations are responsible for the safe management of the radioactive materials including iodine-131 for medical and research purposes, there are cases reported of inappropriate management.

... meaning some hospital, lab, or manufacturer has been releasing iodine-131 by accident or by neglect, according to the insinuation of IAEA and NHK.

OK, so where is it coming from? IAEA says there is no health effect. (Paging Mr. Edano...)

Well, there was an earthquake that hit Turkey on October 23. There was a report/rumor on the Iranian state radio in Japanese that the "most dangerous in the world" Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia was damaged in the earthquake. But if the CTBTO station in Austria started detecting iodine-131 on October 17 (1 nanosievert/hour max, 1/100 of the level seen after the Fukushima accident), the Armenian plant cannot be it.

IAEA's press release (11/11/2011):

The IAEA has received information from the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic that very low levels of iodine-131 have been measured in the atmosphere over the Czech Republic in recent days.

The IAEA has learned about similar measurements in other locations across Europe.

The IAEA believes the current trace levels of iodine-131 that have been measured do not pose a public health risk and are not caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan.

Iodine-131 is a short-lived radioisotope that has a radioactive decay half-life of about eight days.

The IAEA is working with its counterparts to determine the cause and origin of the iodine-131.

The IAEA will provide further information via its Website as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

When you said: "you can't say someone treated for thyroid illness is peeing" it made me laugh, but you're complete right. How in the world would a patient's iodine-131 P reach an air monitor?

It gives the phrase "pissing in the wind" a whole new meaning. :)

Seriously though, are they kidding with these excuses?

One article stated that NASA said the source is a Nebula in outer space.

Good grief.

Anonymous said...

About three weeks ago I pasted here this news clip (that was immediately deleted from the finn news)

Swedish Oskarshamn Reactor 2 in fire; 23.10.2011 09:05. Wassup? New Fuku?

Since then, total blckout. Yesterday gvmt rad security officials confirmed this: "no iodine air-detection in Finland". This agency's 'no detection' TEPCOspeak always means we are under heavy fallout... Mind you, the finn officials are the weirdest unbeatable bunch of liars on earth. I have yet to figure out what this new funny "no air-detection" -term actually means.

My fukuguess is that 0skarshamn has had a meltdown and Finland and Sweden is under heavy fallout (ouside air was unbreathable 2 day ago). Finland under VERY heavy fallout as its missing this news article. Or maybe the 12.09.2011 "Risk of radioactive leak after deadly explosion at French nuclear plant..." ...or... "Explosion and Smoke at French Nuclear Power Station; Tricastin 2.7.2011"

Plus all those they have succeeded to hide. ... Now lets move to USA, which plutonium boilers have blown today?

Viola said...

Here's a summary of the public available EU-measurements for the last month:

And here's the homepage with a link to the interactive map:

Anonymous said...

Couldn't it be the Sarcophagus of Chernobyl finally giving big enough holes to let the radiation out ?

If I remember correctly it is in pretty bad shape, and the new "1000 year" sarcophagus isn't going to be able to be built due to the economic problems in Europe at the moment.

I wouldn't be surprised if the funds for that were the first to go in the "Economic Austerity Measures".

Maju said...

At least it's reassuring that they report such measures: it seems to mean that they still take radiation monitoring half-seriously in this part of the World.

I've thought of Fukushima (whatever they say, there's no objective reason I know of to say it's false), of Marcoule (radioactive accident in SE France on Sep 12) and of the ongoing fire of a nuclear military site in Idaho (USA). Yet this last one does not fit with the profile (too recent) and the French one is too old (it'd mean some complication we are unaware of).

I do not think it's a cancer patient, really. But it could well be some sort of radioactive device, probably of medical use, dropped into a trash bin. Whatever it is I hope they find it soon and solve the matter.

Anonymous said...

From Viola's two links, Gamma is high (compared to other countries) in Germany, France and Netherlands and Austria.

They are almost 10x the rest of Europe according to those values.

Anonymous said...

November 12, 2011 2:03 AM
Anonymous said...
Couldn't it be the Sarcophagus of Chernobyl finally giving big enough holes to let the radiation out ?

Happily Fukushima Three Open meltdowns have no such problem and disrtibute from their 1000x Plutonium reserves, freely and globally.

NILU was closed and their simulation program deleted from public, after its simulation charts showed northern hemisphere 100% full readings on Fuku Cesium.

It is wonderful, isnt it, how humans want to believe the Fuku we are being fed 24/ by MSM: if Chernobyl is still bubbling, so are the fuku meltdowns...

The 'news' stink as usual. No mystery in the source of tha fallout for the genocide watchdogs.


Maju said...

That's not what I see, Anonymous. What I see is much greater information and survey points in those countries (also Belgium). But gamma levels are similar. The hottest dots ("only" 3x the lowest ones) are scattered but specially more common at the Upper Rhône (Marcoule?) and East Finland (Chernobyl?)

When you look at radionuclides like I-131, then the result is a blank map with the exception of Slovenia and Croatia. This lack of information displayed is inconsistent with the news but the embargoes of info supposedly only last up to 5 hrs, being in most places of 0 hrs. So I'm confused.

Viola said...

@Anon Nov 12, 2:13
It looks always high in these countries, if you scroll backwards in time, you will notice. That's partly because they have a lot of measurement stations.
Last week's results:
T-Gamma particularly high in Switzerland, Greece Luxemboug (more than 300nSv/h)

If you search for I-131 alone, you will only get a few values because only a few countries make this public. One of them is Slovenia with high readings in the vincinity of their nuclear power plant, compared to the readings from Finland or Norway.

Viola said...

Don't judge too easily - remember: most of the countries keep their I-131 readings secret!

Anonymous said...

So I'm confused.
November 12, 2011 2:49 AM

22.07.2011 Ex Minister for Internal Affairs Haraguchi Kazuhiro: "the actual readings were 1000x higher than given to public"

So you're confused.

Read the Chernobyl reports kept under wraps 25yrs and find out the very same. Stay confused or start to think outside MSM.

Finnish genocide watchdog has never given any info although Finland is one of the heaviest contaminated areas by Chernobyl. Like parts of any EU country, even US & Japan.

The readings given are Just to keep you confused. Why all this false 'info' is given 3 weeks later? Maybe there was a leak...

I guess another IAEA official soon mysteriously jumps off the balcony.


Maju said...

I must correct myself: I was looking at the average value map instead of the max. value. This one displays a "purple dot" (>400 nSv/h) at the Luxemburg-Belgium Border (Ardennes forest if I'm correct).

In the last month (max values again), there are purple dots specially in Switzerland and Greece but also Luxembourg, South England, somewhere in Austria and at the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The previous month was similar, with some more scattered dots in Atlantic Europe (Galicia, West France, Flanders) and Serbia. Towards the past, the prevalence of high gamma levels seems to decrease, with some irregularities (maybe caused by winds or nuclear ships?)

Anonymous said...

Public 'updated' EURDEP radiation Map contradicts all, keep going, nothing to see here...

jorge56 said...

"Finland and Sweden is under heavy fallout (ouside air was unbreathable 2 day ago)."

did everyone suffocated? What is meant by this?

Anonymous said...

What is meant by this?

Personal observation, 'dishonest gossip' they say. A unscientific feeling when u step out from hepa filtered vehicle in the wilderness and inhale. Gossip like...

Finland T-GAMMA-A5 184.654 nSv/h = 184 µSv/h reading from eurdepweb -linky above. Highest numbers just below France/Germany.

Anonymous said...

>184.654 nSv/h = 184 µSv/h


Anonymous said...

184654 nSv/h = 184 µSv/h

Anonymous said...

" - remember: most of the countries keep their I-131 readings secret!"

And therein lies a story.
It has utility value to cover their tracks.

Anonymous said...

Click on any dot to get historic data. Let us know if you find any elevated values, I haven't.

184654 nSv/h != 184.654 nSv/h if the dot is a decimal point, not a thousands separator

Anonymous said...

"One article stated that NASA said the source is a Nebula in outer space. "

Truly off the wall.
NASA appears to be under attack by proponents of that 'weaponised social media personnas' stuff. Been seeing lots of wacked out stuff attributed to them (nasa).

Probably because they aren't yielding control of their funding at the rate their main competitors would like them to?
Seat of many conspiracies, those who practice the 'weaponised personnas' stuff.

'Embedded', and all that decades old stuff.

Anonymous said...
Highest is ? 200 nSv/h

1000x contrast to 30day avg
Fi T-GAMMA A5 184654 nSv/h = 185 µSv/h
De T-GAMMA A5 294366 nSv/h = 294 µSv/h
- no separators

Anonymous said...

US Radiation Monitoring May Have Been Handed Off To Nuclear Industry Lobbyists
November 4th, 2011

LOLobbyists? From whence global mafia has been called lobbyists... sound more like L0y0lists.

Atomfritz said...

Remember, the german pebble bed reactor in Hamm-Uentrop (300MWe) a few days after Chernobyl had a mishap, resulting in high releases and its decommissioning.

It took almost one year until the cover-up was discovered.

I would be absolutely not surprised if we learn some months later that a french or german reactor had a (covered-uo) accident.

Anonymous said...

The oskarshamn burup date fits latest iodine peak.

Hamm-Uentrop - interesting, have u any good resource links on that?

All nations also have myriad 'non-listed' and Experimental' , educational etc un-clear sites - keeping ? mysterious rad flowing...

Alex Smith said...

The Poles suspect the radioactivity in Europe comes from the Karachi nuclear power plant:

"In Poland, a spokesman for the atomic energy agency told AFP that the cause may lie in Pakistan, where officials were forced to repair a leak at the nearly 40-year-old Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) on October 19.

After the incident, an official from KANUPP had told AFP that no radioactivity had been recorded and none of their staff had been affected."

Anonymous said...

Breitbart knows: Polar Bears near extinction!

Psst. Forget The Census;
1950 2.500
2000 25.000 three Fuku meltdowns.

Anonymous said...

@anon NOVEMBER 13, 2011 2:34 AM

The column heading says "Measurements / 30 days " so unless there is some explanation to state otherwise, the number states the number of data points taken in the least 30 days, not the actual measurement in nSv/h.

Unknown said...

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