Saturday, November 12, 2011

#Radioactive Ekiden Road Race: Girls Are Running in Radiation Often Higher Than That in Front of J-Village

J-Village is located just inside the 20 kilometer radius from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, and is the staging area for the plant work. Ordinary citizens cannot even enter (it is a "no entry" zone).

But the female athletes as young as 13 are running in the Ekiden Road Race in Fukushima City in the radiation often much higher than at J-Village. And the nation is supposed to cheer for the wonderful recovery of Fukushima Prefecture by watching these girls run.

The following are the actual air radiation measurements on the Ekiden course from the blog posts (here and here) of a TV writer who calls himself "Chidai", on November 12. He measured the air radiation levels at 1 meter off the ground on the Ekiden course.

First, he shows the radiation at J-Village, as comparison:

0.91 microsievert/hour, in front of J-Village, right before the roadblock:

Now the Ekiden course in Fukushima City.

1.23 microsievert/hour, in front of the athletic stadium where the event starts:

0.91 microsievert/hour, first left-turn in the 1st segment, 400 meters from the stadium gate:

1.41 microsievert/hour, in front of Fukushima Horse Race Track:

There are many more locations that registered even higher radiation. He also says that when he measured at 5 centimeters off the ground, the radiation levels jumped everywhere.

One irony about the 1.41 microsievert/hour in front of the race track: he wryly and angrily notes that the race track is closed for this year, having canceled all races out of concern for the thoroughbred horses that are worth tens of millions of yen. The race track is doing the decontamination, replacing the turf for the horses. Yet, it is perfectly OK for all concerned to have underage girls run in the radiation.

The writer is sorry that he couldn't have the event canceled. He is asking "What are we doing? Is this the "recovery" we want for Fukushima? Are we human, to allow this to happen? "

Shame on the city. Shame on the athletic association and the corporate sponsors. And shame on the parents of these girls for being so willing to risk their daughters' health for... For what?


no6ody said...

Somehow, I am sure that the parents of the athletes are ignorant of the risks. The blame rests squarely upon those who tell the parents and athletes that everything is fine when they know better. These are the monsters, whoever they are. These people-shaped monsters are abusing the trust placed in them. These monsters' are willing to risk *other* people's kids for the illusion of 'recovery.'

Perhaps this ignorance will be cured before the event occurs, and the monsters exposed for what they are. The real race is being run by "Chidai" and Arevampirpal and hopefully others will join in before the damage is done. The people have suffered enough already.

Darth3/11 said...

They are going to suffer a lot more if they don't wake up, read this blog and other sources aside from NHK, and find out what is really happening! The willingness to passively believe the government will cost them their children.

Anonymous said...

" .. Shame on the city. Shame on the athletic association and the corporate sponsors. And shame on the parents .. "

Praise upon praise for those with the rad meters.
Some people DO care.

Anonymous said...

Those poor children. This is what happens when government and TEPCO put a media blackout in place in Japan. Or "do damage control" to assist in lowering costs to TEPCO/government. Of course, government is supposed to be the citizens..but...

Myzteron said...

Brilliant idea to lower the environmental radiation levels, use the people as filters!!!.

The more they breathe and the faster they breathe the quicker the products are removed from the atmosphere, i dont think politicians are going to moan about the co2 increase, especially as it is going to be generated from a worthwhile source.

Remember you DID NOT see a politician trying to stop this event, so the IMPLIED consensus from politicians must be that, it is not only SAFE, but, USEFUL.

Anonymous said...

My heart truly goes out to everyone affected, Japanese, Canadian, American, the world - it is a global catastrophe. So believe me when I say, I mean no disrespect but I am begining to see that a great portion of the Japanese are CRAZY! So sad, to willingly send your children into greater danger! I'm 6000km away and still I petition our members of parliment and academics, to give us the truth and some direction, to help protect us from this danger, although it's not always forthcoming, I don't give up. But, in the epicentre of the disaster, where the danger is the greatest, people go about their day as if we lived 100 years ago! Please stand up, demand some humanity, demand truth and loyalty from your public servants. GET MAD PEOPLE!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOMEN and GIRLS, especially, are much more vulnerable!! It's well-established, scientific fact.

SEE THIS, JAPAN and take note of YOUR future:

The reproductive capacity and health of your population is at stake!...

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read this document, male or female!!

DD said...

Thanks for this post, and thanks to Chidai for the measurements.

I am sorry for the girls, and I am sorry for their parents who may one day face an awful realisation.

Condolences, all.

Anonymous said...

We can all sign this one in support (if not already done):

Anonymous said...

I live in Japan. The Japanese are under some sort of highly high tech mind conrol. They can not think for themselves at this point. It is not easy for them to get pissed off enough to do any thing to improve the situation . Everyone I see is wire-lessly connected to electromagnetically through cell phones and towers and basically in an electromagnetic prison grid for their minds.
I don't see how they can wake up until they unplug and I don't see it happening with out a consciousness shift. It is sad but true from my perspective. The people have been shocked and awed in this most recent attack. Pray for Japan PLEASE.

Unknown said...

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