Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 2 Sub-drain Water Overflowing from the Temporary Tank

Near the end of TEPCO's morning press conference on February 8, TEPCO's PR man mentioned in passing that the water from the Reactor 2 sub-drain pit stored in the temporary pool was found overflowing.

"OK, no more question?... Well then we have one last announcement for you ..."

According to TEPCO:

  • TEPCO has been conducting the experiment to clean the sub-drain pit water.

  • The Reactor 2's sub-drain pit water is being pumped into a temporary storage tank which has the device submerged in the tank to decontaminate the water.

  • At 9:40AM on February 8 the water was found overflowing from the tank.

  • The pump was stopped, then the overflow stopped.

  • No information yet on how much water have been spilled, on the density of radioactive materials in the water, or whether the water spilled into the ocean.

  • More details in the evening press conference.


Anonymous said...

Those extra TONNES of water..thats where it went. We thought it would go into the ocean..we were correct. Radiation? not to worry--so you glow in the dark, have offspring with two heads. Just minor. Simile.

What a total disregard to safety for everyone! Where is the international community in all this radioactive dumping? If an individual did anything similar --we would be in jail for life, be fined millions and millions of dollars. Japan just ignores.."OK? No questions? On to next topic.."

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