Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rankin Taxi Presents Anti-Nuclear Reggae: "Radiation Is Strong, Radiation Is Powerful, It Doesn't Discriminate, and You Can't Beat It"

(From the mirror video at Tokyo Brown Tabby)

This is a mirrored video from
The original video description: Japan reggae artists MC Rankin and Dub Ainu Band deliver a cautionary message about radioactive material through this song and music video "You Can't See It, and You Can't Smell It Either."

"You can't see it, and you can't smell it either - 誰にも見えない、匂いもない 2011- "

By Rankin Taxi & Dub Ainu Band
Words & Music: Rankin Taxi

If you pronounce "Nuclear" like Japanese, nyu-ku-ri-ah, it sort of rhymes with Fukushima, fu-ku-shi-mah


Little Canary said...

Dear La Primavera,
Glad that you posted some news worthy to comment!
This one is Special by its originality of the message and the way to put it out by real people.

(At this point Tepco or Government reports are taken as completly information of mass distraction, so I did resign to comment.)

Rankin Taxi had been always involved in every single antinuke march-rally in Tokyo area with his profound lyrics.

He also wrote back to 38 years ago his protest first song about building the Fukushima nuclear plant.

Anyway I am not fan of him but recognize the great commitment, sensibility and tenacity to spread vital information to the masses as him or you La Primavera.

I stick to one of his songs which says:
"Beikoku was tengoku nippon wa zakkoku..."
"Nihonjin damasareruna..."

Anonymous said...

I love Rankin'-san. Always been a fan. He has always been politically active and this is a remake of a song he originally wrote before Fukushima (its deep in youtube i think). Him and all of us have known these reactors are a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off. Well it did...

Anonymous said...

This is a new one that is getting a bit of play.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have tears in my eyes that are running down my face. I visited Japan over several years and have more than 4 pages of my passport book occupied with travel stamps to Japan. So beautiful is your country and just like the song says it is safe until it is not. The beauty and mystique was safe until it was not. I am sorry for everyone who never had the chance to fall in love with Japan. Thank you for your continued efforts. In my home state they are set to build new reactors with imminent approval though the power they generate is not and will not ever be needed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@3:07 and all occupants of Earth..

March 11, 2012 14:46

Take it to the streets.
We have allowed this to happen.
We have to be the ones to stop it.

alastairsdixon said...

Rankin Cab cab had been always engaged in every individual antinuke march-rally in Seattle place with his powerful lines.

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man and van said...

Really very interesting post.

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