Friday, February 10, 2012

(Updated) Gift of Snow from Fukushima Children to Okinawa Children

(UPDATE: I was wrong. It was not just tiny containers of snowmen but a whole lot more, enough for the kids in one Okinawa school to throw snowballs at each other. Watch the video at the link. H/T Japanese twitter follower)


probably to the horror of mothers who took their small children to Okinawa to escape radiation contamination in east Japan.

It's not that they are sending a ton of snow but only 5 20-centimeter containers. It is only a symbolic gesture of .... uhhh goodwill and friendship?

Fukushima Prefecture is supposed to be measuring the radiation levels of snow, but the result won't be available until March.

From NNN News (2/9/2012):


2 elementary school children, as "friendship ambassadors of snowman", flew off this morning to Okinawa to bring Fukushima snow as a gift to Okinawa.


It is the 11th year of the project by the Fukushima government. The purpose is to promote friendship between children of Fukushima and children of Okinawa by giving the snow from Fukushima to Okinawa children. The two will deliver 5 snowmen in 20-centimeter tall styrofoam containers [shaped like a snowman] to Okinawa.

The friendship ambassadors are a boy and a girl. The boy says he wants to appeal the beautiful scenery and great food of Fukushima. In the news clip at the link, the girl doesn't seem one bit thrilled.

Using the children to promote agendas of the adults has been ongoing on both sides - the governments (national and local) and the citizens' groups demanding anything from stopping the nuke plants in Japan to compensating the voluntary evacuees.


Anonymous said...

Total fucking brainwashing again by the status quo in japan, ...i noticed too some of the most "intelligent" people are the most ignorant fuckers when it comes to talk of Fukushima.... They just dont fucking get it.

Darth3/11 said...

I'd side with mothers from Fukushima using their kids to make their points, because they are probably RIGHT. But yes, sending snow from Fukushima, and poisoned firewood from Miyagi...what is going on here? It's creepy.

robertb said...

What is wrong with these people? RADIOACTIVE SNOW! Get it?

Maybe they could send some friendships snow cones. They could use the snow from around the nuclear power plant. Put some fuel pellet sprinkles on them too:) yaayyy

Anonymous said...

I sadly agree with the previous posters. I guess I can't understand Japanese cultural nuances, but I do understand the serious nature of World War III at Fukushima Daiichi.

The two kids should not be visiting but be emigrating to Okinawa (or better yet...Brazil or America). They are being used as a tool of their ignorant adults. Will they look back in ten years sporting a Fukushima necklace (thyroid removal scar) and wonder why they weren't protected from the horrors unleased by the nuclear fascists?

Stay tuned...their part of the world is soon going to be known and feared as the Japanese epicenter of radioactive death.


Anonymous said...

I could write something about the anti-nuclear protest in France becoming stronger these days and that we laugh about the ... president's ... bizarre appraisals for the nuclear industry.

But I begin to have doubt in reason. Bringing harm about people deliberately, these madmen will not be stopped by reason. Neither in Japan, nor elsewhere. "Nuclear Fascism" is too melodious and I am almost afraid that my point of view will be shared by many.

Anonymous said...

Just shaking my head....
Makes me ill and angry.....

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