Monday, February 20, 2012

Nico Nico Fuku-1 Press Tour 2/20/2012 Part 2: Workers on Reactor 4 Bldg

130 Microsieverts/Hr Near the Pump for Reactor Water Injection

Someone's survey meter keeps beeping as soon as they step outside to tour the plant on the bus.

Near turbine buildings. Near Reactor 3 turbine building, the radiation is 200 microsieverts/hour. TEPCO's PR person says there are locations nearby that measure 1500 microsieverts/hour. I think he means inside the bus.

Workers on the Reactor 4 building upper floor.


Karen Sherry Brackett said...

These people should all be wearing goggles. Ones eyes are just as vulnerable a access point as their nose and mouth.

Chibaguy said...

So just being near the plant means annual exposure would be at 1.75 Sv/yr. If annual exposure limits are at 20 to 50 or even 100 mSv/yr one could assume how many workers they have gone through. Most modest assessment is that 5 hrs at the plant (outside) for 50 days would expose them to this level. But, in the Noda admin this means baseless rumors. Limits mean nothing.

kintaman said...

Agreed. They need to have full head gear (enclosed system). Nothing from the outside should be able to be enter any orifice.

Seeing the workers on the 2nd floor of reactor #4 is surreal. Look at the blown out concrete and rebar. I hope that structure will withstand any future quakes until they can address the spent fuel in that pool.


I missed your email addy last week (forgot to write it down) before your comment was deleted. I hope your preparations to leave are coming along and you will be out of there soon. All the best.

Apolline said...

OT, sorry :

I just read an article in french :

where Fukushima university has decided to send some apes and wild boars in forests to test radiations.
Tepco and politicians could go there instead of animals...

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for your good work !

Sorry to bother again like last week or so, but is there any place we can see the whole video, unedited ?

Thanks in advance,

Anonymous said...

I too am eager to see the unedited video! Will Nico nico be uploading it to their website and wil you be able to link to it from ex-skf?

Thanks and keep it up!

kintaman said...

@ Hélios

I agree 100%!!

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Kintamen, I agree. We would use oxygen tanks in the U.S. instead of general respirators as shown in this video

At least these workers have full face masks and have their ears covered. This is a process that takes time for fittings. It was a mistake to take journalist in there without proper protection. Given plutonium was part of the mix in one of the reactors, tyvek suits are not enough. The plastic bags on feet is poor quality foot gear and truly most importantly these lies of showing gieger counter displays covered in plastic as if those readings are accurate is scandalous. Plastic shields alpha and if the plastic contains a neutron absorper which I suspect in the case of the school childrens' dosimeters then the data is falsified as well. Putting plastic over dosimeters and geiger counters is like only putting one foot on the scale. In addition, one can see neutron emissions outside of the reactor one building on the night TEPCO live cam at the rate of one per minute. This plant is far from stable. In my opinion, it is not safe for residents to return. They have lost containment.

Anonymous said...

Good, now you dropped bananna crap. Now drop neutron crap.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Anonymous, my apologies. I am agreed. I should have stated observable compton scattering rate. Neutron emmissions are not observable with a live camera unless they interact with something. Also, the rate only reflects what is observable through the camera's view point which means it is a greater rate considering the back and opposite side could not be observed.

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