Sunday, February 19, 2012

(Being Updated) Nico Nico Live Video: Unedited Footage of Fukushima Plant Tour by the Press, 2/20/2011

Can be viewed at Nico Nico's site right now:

You would need to register (free) to view.

They are boarding the bus from J-Village to the plant.

Iwakami is saying it was 30 microsieverts/hour momentarily in the parking lot. TEPCO's Terasawa explains to Iwakami once inside the building that part of the parking lot's asphalt is too contaminated, so TEPCO has put metal sheets to shield the radiation somewhat, and that's where they guided the journalists. They were telling the journalists to stay on the metal plates.

I just saw a female journalist. 1:35:00 or so into the video.

Iwakami says his Inspector measures lower than the "official" TEPCO's measurement.

This building feels unreal. Strange hum in the hallway.

NISA's safety inspection meeting. As if no accident happened.

Emergency Response Room: 500 to 700 people are in this room. Nico Nico's cameraman asks, "Were the teleconferences recorded in any way? Audiovisual, or audio?" TEPCO's PR person answers, "No."

Plant Manager Takahashi. He doesn't look too good, looks sleepy. He says he's fine.

Questions to Takahashi are no different from what these reporters ask TEPCO's Matsumoto in the daily press conference in Tokyo. What a disappointment. What's the point of asking these mundane, work-related trivial questions after having come all the way to the plant??!!

There are many young TEPCO employees in blue uniform.

The strange hum was not my imagination. There are air filtering systems inside the building like this:


Chibaguy said...

They need to engage these people. Any questioned that can be answered outside of this plant should not be a question. These people think they are doing god's work so make them feel like that and they might bite.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

These people should all be wearing goggles. Ones eyes are just as vulnerable a access point as nose and mouth.

Chibaguy said...

@KSB - this is correct and a nice observation when the winds are blowing or whatever the environment is there. The mask alone is cosmetic.

Karen Sherry Brackett said...

Chibaguy, I agree. We would use oxygen tanks in the U.S. instead of general respirators as shown in this video

At least these workers have full face masks and have their ears covered. This is a process that takes time for fittings. It was a mistake to take journalist in there without proper protection. Given plutonium was part of the mix in one of the reactors, tyvek suits are not enough. The plastic bags on feet is poor quality foot gear and truly most importantly these lies of showing gieger counter displays covered in plastic as if those readings are accurate is scandalous. Plastic shields alpha and if the plastic contains a neutron absorper which I suspect in the case of the school childrens' dosimeters then the data is falsified as well. Putting plastic over dosimeters and geiger counters is like only putting one foot on the scale. In addition, one can see neutron emissions outside of the reactor one building on the night TEPCO live cam at the rate of one per minute. This plant is far from stable. In my opinion, it is not safe for residents to return. They have lost containment.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY appreciate the live coverage on site. Bless them-Nico Nico! The Fourth Estate needs to be brave & in full gear for this game-changer of a story.
But, those journalists could be risking their lives, depending on their genes and the luck of the draw! We have to keep spreading the word--keep up the momentum & the dialogue!

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