Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nico Nico Live Video from Hirono-machi, Fukushima

Journalists getting ready to go to Fukushima I Nuke Plant. It looks cold just outside the JR train station of Hirono-machi.

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Nico Nico's cameraman is saying he will act as "your eyes" going into the 20 kilometer zone.

Nico Nico's reporter says "I'll do my best to report the truth from Fukushima I Nuke Plant".

Hirono-machi JR station is 3-kilometer south of J-Village (20 kilometers from the plant), and from there they will go to Fuku I by bus. Most of the tour at the plant will be from inside the bus, but they will get to go outside at a location south of Reactor 4.

They are fitted with:

  • Geiger counter made by France's Million, showing 0.43 microsievert/hour at Hirono-machi train station

  • Personal survey meter that can record cumulative radiation exposure

  • Video camera

Yasumi Iwakami appeared briefly on his way:

The Nico Nico reporter just said there were female journalists boarding the shuttle bus to J-Village, whom he said were from AP.

Total 39 journalists (including cameramen) in two groups.

Group A (20) including Reuters, Mainichi (still camera), Nippon TV, US's NBC (video) Nippon TV, AP (voice), Asahi, Nikkei Mainichi, Yomiuri, AP, NHK, TBS, Tokyo TV, The Independent, Chogoku Shinbun (reporters)

Group B (19) including Fukushima Minpo (still camera), TV Fukushima, Nico Nico (video), Sankei, Tokyo, Fukushima Minpo, Minyu, Kahoku, Hiigata Nippo, Fukushima TV, IWJ, Nico Nico (reporters)

The video will be uploaded after 3PM on February 20, unedited. More detailed reporting in the evening.


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