Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reactor 2 RPV Bottom Temperature: 94.9 Degrees Celsius at Noon, 2/13/2012

(UPDATE: Instrument deemed broken, as the temperature at 5PM on February 13, 2012 is 275.9 degrees Celsius. It was as high as 342 degrees before 3PM. See my new post.)


10:00 91.2
11:00 93.7 (from TEPCO's Plant Parameter, 2/13/2012 noon)
12:00 94.9 (Mainichi Shinbun, 2/13/2012, last update 12:57PM)

Mainichi does not have much to say beyond what I've already reported in the posts, here and here. Most certainly it is the instrument failure, TEPCO, NISA say.

The measurement of the temperature at noon must have been disclosed during the press conference held by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency after the TEPCO's press conference. There was no mention of the temperature at noon, as the press conference was brief and was over by 11:30AM.

There are nuclear engineers and experts who doubt this foregone conclusion of "instrument failure". I will write a post about it later once I understand it myself.


bootmec said...

TEPCO keeps saying that this is a bad temperature sensor. But it has been gradually increasing... it is not showing erratic temperature readings or stuck at one temperature reading. The other two temperature sensors are also reporting increasing temperature, they are just reading lower. Only a fool or a TEPCO employee would ignore this evidence. The melted fuel is still critical. You can't "shutdown" a pile of molten corium. They'll achieve
"cold shut down" when the NY World Trade Center elevators start running again. Nuke Safety guy here.

Stock said...

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Chibaguy said...

I agree, this so-called rouge instrument seems to be functioning as intended. Thus, it is malfunctioning in the eyes of TEPCO and the idiotic I need to be kick in the crouch PM. TEPCO should have said this device has a variable tolerance of 20 degrees or so instead if just stating it is malfunctioning. If I was them I would have gone with the parameters line as the public is most likely to not understand that.

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