Sunday, March 25, 2012

PBS Interview of an American Who Was at #Fukushima I Nuke Plant When Earthquake Hit on March 11, 2011

Did you know that there were 38 Americans at Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant when the earthquake and tsunami hit on March 11, 2011? I didn't.

PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) interviewed Carl Pillitteri, a nuclear technician who was at the plant that day. He was in the Reactor 1 turbine building when the earthquake struck, and said he thought he would perish. Strange sound coming out of nowhere, he couldn't figure out whether it was from the earth, or the buildings. One year after, he is still very much traumatized.

(H/T satomi)


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Japanese people we don't hear about are suffering from similar post-traumatic stress?

Atomfritz said...

Indeed, when you feel hell is literally exploding below your feet, you cannot stay calm as if nothing happened.

My big respect to the Fukushima-50 and all the other unnamed Japanese people who in spite of these horrifying prospects were ready to sacrifice themself to avoid bigger doom for their sisters and brothers.

Thank you all! And thank you, LaPrimavera, for telling these important details of what is going on to the non-japanese-speaking world.

Stock said...

More Japanese catching on

This was sent to me by a Japanese national

Anonymous said...

"demonic sounds" does NOT mean the earth was moaning from the chaos. this guy looks like a classic CIA agent acting on their behalf to re-write the tale.

Remember: the tale of Fukushima will be re-written in history books until the end of time to cover up the extent, disorder and sheer madness of it all.

Anonymous said...

" this guy looks like a classic CIA agent acting on their behalf to re-write the tale."

No, no. I remember this guy gave a telecom interview for one of the US TV media stations right after the "incident" and he was mega-freaked out. He was not acting but if he was then he definitely deserves an academy award.

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