Friday, March 30, 2012

TEPCO's Answer to the Leak of Concentrated Water after Reverse Osmosis at #Fukushima I: Sandbags

TEPCO has a countermeasure to the leak of highly concentrated, contaminated water after the reverse osmosis treatment. Sandbags. And some shiny steel "barrages" as TEPCO calls them.

From TEPCO's photos for the press (3/28/2012):

Note a heap of hoses in the 2nd photo, upper right. Also the hoses under the temporary bridge. How about the hose hanging on the side of the drain?

40 more years (or more) until they can even begin the decommission.


Anonymous said...

HIGH quality engineering? Those hoses are being literally being held up by strings. This is to last for 40 yrs? Cheap, Cheap and not safe! If this is an example of nuclear safety approaches the industry uses, heaven help all people near any or all nuclear plants.

Anonymous said...

If it lasts until July, the Japanese Government can fix it! Maybe? The highly contaminated effluent from the reverse osmosis process -- the workers are swimming in the stuff.

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

TEPCO will have money from the government soon to the tune of 1 trillion yen, and the government will take over the job. The horror, the horror.

The government won't even bother to fix the leak. It will talk about the leak somehow disappearing if we all think a positive thought.

TEPCO is putting in smart meter crap to jack up the utility charges, and the government is raising consumption tax to "stimulate" the economy. Harebrained.

Atomfritz said...


I am confused.
I must have missed something.

The government taking over the cleanup job from July?
How will this be organized then?
Tepco retreating from Fuku-I and Hitachi/Toshiba taking over, being paid by blank checks from the govt.?
Could you maybe point me to some article detailing this?

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