Monday, March 26, 2012

Vastly Different Point of View: "Let's All Eat Tohoku Vegetables and Food to Support the Recovery" If You Are Old or Not Having Children!

A tweet of a person in Japan, an exemplary citizen who should be praised by the national government and by people like Hiroaki Koide:


Let's eat vegetables and food from Tokyo, if you are old or if you don't plan to have children! I was exposed to 9 millisievert radiation the other day in a medical test. No big deal. Those who can, let's all support the recovery of Tohoku.

Gresham's law. After one year, there are people who still refuse to learn about the difference between the targeted, and supervised and brief high-dose radiation exposure during the medical procedures for diagnosis or treatment and chronic, overall, and uncontrolled low-dose internal and external radiation exposure.

Even the farmers in Fukushima refuse to eat what they grow.


Anonymous said...

"Even the farmers in Fukushima refuse to eat what they grow." wow

Anonymous said...

"Learning is not compulsory. . . neither is survival." by Dr. W Edwards Deming

Anonymous said...

There are probably still idiots going around saying you get more radiation from the sun or an x-ray.

Chibaguy said...

This makes my head spin and angers me. My last pet/CT scan delivered 14 to 16 mSv to the organs in question. The half life of the radionuclide injected was 110 minutes which meant I needed to stay away from children and pregnant women for 24 hours. After an hour upon receiving the injection I went under the dosimeter and it registered 20 uSv/hr. This is science and comparing it to long term exposure of radiation fallout is elementary. Idiots is only what I can come up with for now.

Greyhawk said...

In my country we have a saying: If everyone was sticking their heads into a fire would you stick your head in the fire?

Atomfritz said...

Actually short-term high irradiation is very damaging.
1 Sievert taken in in one minute is way worse than 1 Sievert taken over a year.

PET/CT isn't harmless.
There have been many cases of massive overdosing due to sloppy operation, up to 4 Sievert in this sample case:

Anonymous said...

Hi Greyhawk,

I like your country's saying, wish Japanese are as smart as your country people.

because... a popular Japanese saying says: If you go along with everyone, it should not be scary to cross a red traffic.

This idiocity is prevailing and practiced in modern Japan, and you see what is happening now. Glad I am no longer part of them.

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