Friday, April 27, 2012

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Wants Your Donation to Purchase Senkaku Islands

While checking the Tokyo Metropolitan government website for information on falsified cucumbers at the request from a reader, I found this instead.

The Tokyo Metropolitan government has set up a fund to collect donations for the purchase of Senkaku Islands. Nothing better to do for this whacky, jingoistic governor who continues to do absolutely nothing to clean up the contamination in Tokyo.

Oh by the way your donation is tax-deductible.



1 寄附金募集の趣旨


2 案内をするホームページアドレス


3 寄附金に関する手続き等について

みずほ銀行 東京都庁出張所(店番号777)
普通預金 口座番号 1053860

  • みずほ銀行本支店以外の金融機関のATM、窓口で振込む際は、手数料がかかります。手数料はご本人の負担になります。
  • 寄附金が現金で10万円を超える場合など、ATMで取扱いができず、金融機関の窓口での振込みが必要な場合は、専用の振込用紙をお送りしますので、お手数ですが、以下の連絡先までご連絡ください。
    直通電話 03-5388-2206
    ファクス 03-5388-1215
    郵送宛先 〒163-8001 東京都知事本局 尖閣諸島寄附担当
    電話受付:月曜~金曜 9時00分~18時00分(国民の祝日等の閉庁日は除きます。)

  • 窓口での振込みの際には、通帳などが必要になる可能性があります。詳しくは、ご利用になる金融機関にお問合せください。
  • この寄附金は、各種税法に規定する寄附金控除または損金算入の対象となります。その際には、都が発行する寄附金領収書が必要となりますので、ご希 望の方は別添の様式2に振込み控の写しを添付し必要事項を記入の上、以下の宛先までお送りください。確認作業の後、こちらから領収書を郵送いたします。


郵便番号163-8001 東京都知事本局 尖閣諸島寄附担当

4 注意いただきたいこと

  • この寄附金は、地方自治法第96条第1項第9号に定める「負担付きの寄附」として、お受けするものではありません。
  • 東京都が、尖閣諸島のため皆様から寄附金をいただく口座は、上に掲げた口座のみになります。その他、東京都の名称や東京都知事の名を用いて寄附を募る事例があったとしても、東京都が関与するものではないので、ご注意ください。
電話 03-5388-2206


Anonymous said...

That Racist fuck Ishihara aint getting a penny from me, on the subject of fake cucumbers here is a recent mis labelling scam for veggies.


Anonymous said...

Oh looks like you posted that cucumber story earlier in the blog..

Luke said...

They can't clean up the radiation. That is why they want to buy the islands.

Anonymous said...

This asshole's hide is thick enough to protect him from radiation so just thrown him into the reactor pool.

Chibaguy said...

There is even a handling charge in some instances! Do not donate money to Tokyo at any cost. It will just be used for something useless.

Anonymous said...

I would gladly donate 100,000 yen if Ishihara would use the money to move his office to the Senkakus after he buys them.

Anonymous said...

I want to donate some money but only if it is used to pay a sniper to put a f...g bullet in Ishiharas head...

Anonymous said...

Violence solves nothing.

It will not win the minds and hearts of the people whose opinions will eventually stamp out nuclear power in Japan.

Anonymous said...

Japan is finished.

Now, we wait for the collapse of SFP-4 and then, the World is finished. Stupidity reins supreme on this ball of dirt!

Even the rich and powerful can't escape their fate unless, they found a way to leave the planet!

Just turn off the lights before you go to sleep...

Anonymous said...

the japan government & tepco have had a year to figure this out.lies and damn is the time for the world to demand the facts and nothing but the facts.these rats have put the whole planet at risk.the time for bs has long past.action on a world scale is needed.where are the tree huggers ,the pipeline protesters?

Anonymous said...

Is completely out of control what has happened to Japan.Don't you see?-Government can't say nothing to the people. News are that half of island is submerging and the other half getting impossible to live in. Lot of sickness.Lot of trouble.I admire this people..and have all my help.

Anonymous said...

The conduct of the Japanese government following the nuclear accident is beyond comprehension. Instead of new land, the people of Japan need a new government, a responsible government, before any further action.

I feel so badly for the common people there.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Tokyo Govt wants these islands to re-locate officials at the public's expense to areas where there is less contamination.

I feel sorry for the people of Japan. Govt feeds them lies. Etiquette prevents them from speaking out. It is long past time to throw tradition away and "do the right thing".

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Those islands are too small for the bloated Tokyo metropolitan government officialdom. But they look perfectly OK to send these people to, as a traditional form of punishment.

Ivan said...

Japanese gulag.

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