Saturday, May 12, 2012

Political Remarks of the Day from Goshi Hosono, Ichiro Matsui (Governor of Osaka)

The former we've known long enough to not to expect brilliant comments from. The latter teams up with the boy-wonder mayor of Osaka City (who is being set up as the next prime minister - the horror, the horror) and is eager to accept disaster debris to Osaka and burn and bury in the Osaka Bay.

First, Goshi Hosono, Minister of the Environment and Minister in charge of the nuclear accident, from Yomiuri Shinbun (5/12/2012):


Fukushima is not suited to become the final disposal site for nuclear fuel, Mr. Hosono says


On May 12, Minister of the Environment Hosono attended the meeting in Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture with the residents who evacuated from Okuma-machi, where Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant is located.


The residents expressed worries to Mr. Hosono that the final disposal site for nuclear fuel in Japan may be built somewhere in the Futaba-gun's 8 municipalities including Okuma-machi. Mr. Hosono definitely denied the possibility, saying "Fukushima was hit by a big tsunami, and therefore it is not suited to become the final disposal site."

Ummm. All of Japan's nuclear reactors are located right on the ocean, and just about the entire Japanese archipelago is full of active faults running through it. There are plate junctions capable of producing large earthquakes and tsunami.

Next, Governor of Osaka Ichiro Matsui tweets, trying to convince people in Osaka that the disaster debris from Tohoku is totally free of plutonium:


Many people seem to misunderstand about the debris disposal. But plutonium from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant accident didn't reach Iwate. Plutonium's specific gravity is large, and it is not confirmed to have flown a long distance.

Uh... Researchers have found Fukushima-origin plutonium in Lithuania. (Maybe Lithuania is located just south of Fuku I Plant?)

I don't think the Ministry of Education and Science ever tested the soil samples for plutonium outside Fukushima and southern Miyagi. But that shouldn't deter these politicians (or the radiation/nuclear experts for that matter) from declaring one thing or another. If they keep repeating it, sooner or later it will become "true", particularly in the post-Fukushima Japan.


mike in tokyo rogers said...

Quote: "Fukushima was hit by a big tsunami, and therefore it is not suited to become the final disposal site."

Excellent point: "All of Japan's nuclear reactors are located right on the ocean..."

Not much else that needs to be said....

Except... No. This guy can't be the next pm, can he?

Anonymous said...

As Hitler once said "If you are going to tell a lie make sure its a big lie, make it simple and keep repeating it and eventually they will beleive it " ... that just about sums up Japan right now..

Anonymous said...

Yup. Goeppels would be proud.

For whatever reason, they want the boy-wonder mayor of Osaka City as the next PM. Worse than Hosono.

Chibaguy said...

@anon 9:29, I agree other than the fact it is only the Japanese. A lot of foreigners have a vested interest in keeping the lie alive.

Anonymous said...

@chibaguy , very true..sadly foreigners over here have bought the lies lock stock and barrell.. which makes me wonder if this happened in another country we would have the same delusions going on...

Anonymous said...

I cannot reveal my identity, but I verified Alpha radiation is being emitted from black substance scattered near the ICU (国際基督教大学)campus at over 0.5 microsieverts per hour. Any professionals at ICU taking any measurements?

Anonymous said...

When is Hosono going to take a big basket of it home with him? Or since he hasn't much time for his wife and kids, to the home of his latest mistress?

m a x l i said...

mikeintokyorogers is completely right. This madness jumps right into your face. Hosono (correctly, I would say) declares Fukushima not to be suited as a dumping site for nuclear fuel because of the looming danger of tsunamis. At the same time the japanese government wants to restart nuclear reactors (all of which can be hit by a tsunami at any time) at some point in the near future. What we can learn from this is that nuclear reactors have nothing to do with nuclear fuel. Nuclear reactors probably are driven by 5 meter long sticks of sugar candy.

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