Thursday, May 10, 2012

#Radioactive Japan: Shameless Mayor of Shimada City in Shizuoka Wants Tea in His City to Be Designated as "Gift to the Imperial Family"

How much lower can you get? With this dictatorial mayor of Shimada City whose son is the president of the waste management company in the city, probably a lot lower.

From Shizuoka Shinbun (part; 5/11/2012):


Mayor Sakurai [of Shimada City, Shizuoka] described his motive to accept the disaster debris as follows: "People in Tohoku buy Shimada's tea, benefiting us. So I wanted to return the favor." To "prove the safety" of tea made in Shimada City, he is asking the Ministry of the Environment so that the tea grown in Hatsukura District of Shimada City can be designated as "Gift to the Imperial Family" and given to the Imperial Family. Hatsukura District is where the final disposal site is located [where the radioactive slug and ashes are buried].

Where are the nationalistic ultra-right when we need them? They have been busy disrupting the anti-nuclear rallies and gatherings.

For the video of the final disposal landfill in Hatsukura District, go to my post here.


Anonymous said...

F&%k You Sakurai!

Anonymous said...

The ultra right nationalists are busy getting backhanders from Tepco for sending hapless workers to slog it out at the nuke plant for crap money.... the right wing love nuclear and wont have a word said against it, hopefully they get irradiated themselves... fascist wankers

Anonymous said...

This is arrogance at the height. It shows, Mayor Sakurai of Shimada City in Shizuoka Prefecture is a shameless manipulator who has zero respect for the Japanese Imperial family.

Over the modern history of Japan including the WW II, the Japanese politicians and industry leaders have used the imperial family to advance political lies and fatten their greedy pockets, under the pretense of importance of the emperor, etc. Unfortunately, the JP imperial family does not have gut or brain to stand up and express their own opinion, unlike the British.

All these are sad developments of modern Japan. But it may not matter any more. The way the country is handling the nuclear crisis, all of them east of Aichi prefecture will die off prematurely and the country could become extinct in 50 years... all on their own making.

Atomfritz said...

Excuse me, semi-OT rant again.

It doesn't wonder me at all that many "ultra-nationalists" are rallying pro-nuclear.

It's the same here in Germany.
The German "Nazi party" NPD was always very pro-nuclear.

But -did you know this?- the NPD founder Mr. Thadden was a MI5 agent.

And, there have been several attempts to forbid the pro-nuclear "Nazi" NPD.
But these attempts all failed.

The supreme court decided that it was not at all clear whether the alleged "Naziism" of the NPD was real, as the German internal Secret Service what had been subpoenaed and was extremely uncooperative, had to admit that more than 20% of the party functionaries, including the presidium, was on its salary list.

I repeat, the German supreme court refused to forbid the German "nationalist" party because more than 1/5th of its functionaries were Secret Service employees, and this made undeterminable whether they actually represented the will of the about 3/4 majority of the membership that were not on the secret service's payroll.

So, can we be actually sure that the Japanese "nationalists" are really real nationalists and no paid fake polit theater group being maintained by the Japanese Secret Service, which in turn is possibly factically just some kind of CIA fork?

Anonymous said...

nice conclusion:-)
probably right.

jimbojames said...

I think the gist of Shimada City's tea being a 'Gift to the Imperial Family,' translated into English, suggests an irony that is perhaps even unintended because I'd suggest that the Mayor expects his special Tea to be consumed by the Emperor's family, no? But who wants to drink radioactive tea?

arevamirpal::laprimavera said...

Yes, the mayor fully expects his tea to be consumed by the Imperial Family.

Atomfritz said...

Well, if they really expect the Imperial Family to consume this kind of "gift", I cannot help thinking of the German meaning of "Gift" = poison.

It's like forcing them to drink hemlock, like Socrates.

Anonymous said...

And while we're on the topic of foodstuffs:

Telling that one chef just imports his produce from Hokkaido and Fukuoka.

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